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In Texas!!! We live for the Nupremal monster MOD of Global war!!!

Julius Ceaser may have dreamed of the World Nupremal will let you conquer it! :)

Okay but when he does this global mod and if he makes the map bigger does he just change the size of the map to the larger version and keep all of the units, scripts etc. that Hubert put in or does he do his own version of Global SC, scripts etc?


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Unfortunately if you change the map you will have to change/edit all the other layers as well such as unit positions and script positions as these would likely have changed as well.

Essentially you can re-use what is in another map but you have to do some manual adjusting if for example Alexandria was located at 99,30 on the old map but is now located at 120,45 sort of thing.

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Rather than do this one person by one, by one by one, and etc,

Just put up a "sticky" and start at square one, literally,

And go right down the line, step by step,

And include screenshots at each level of X-planation.

That way, everyone who is interested in learning this procedure that you have mastered, can do so... AT THE TIME they are actually working on their own project, eh?

They can just look it up as needed.

In the "sticky thread."

Maybe, copy/paste your simple, but all-inclusive instructions so they are right at hand.

Like that. :)

A bit like this perhaps? ;)


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