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Can Run Demo But Cant Run Full Version

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Hello, I am able to run the demo of PT Boats, But when I install and try to run Full Version game will not run and I get 2 error messages. System is a Compaq SR5013WM

XP Pro w/SP3 (SYSTEM CAME W/ System came w/ Vista Home Basic

P4 3.2mhz

4 gig ram

ati x1650 pci-e

Error messages are #1 "The application failed to initialize properly (0x000005) Click on "OK" to terminated the application"

When I click ok then I get the same error message. This does not happen with the demo also I have another pc that the demo and full version work fine on and the pc is very simuliar. Any help would be great Thanks !

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Hi softail,

the error (0x000005) is explained in our Knowledgebase at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk. Look in the eLicense section, or use the search function. You can also search for DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

Make sure you adjust the DEP setting to care only about essential Windows software. Even if this is the setting you currently have, still click OK and reboot. That should usually solve the problem.

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