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Mouse pointer problem


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When I open the game the cursor is extremely hard to control.

It feels like it is floating, constantly overshooting.

I've adjusted the mouse sensitivity (in game control) to minimum and to maximum to no avail.

I'm not sure what else to do.

Any suggestions?

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I still have the same problem.

The Settings: (screen that first comes up)

Graphics - Low

Filtering - Off

Dynamic Shadows - Off

Resolution - 1280 x 1024

In the game Video/Audio setup

AntiAliasing - 0x

Textures Filtering - 0x

Textures - Low

Shadows - Enabled

Vertical Sync - unchecked

Did I miss a menu somewhere?

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Do you have FRAPS or a similar program to check what are your in game FPS? If you have high FPS then you should look in another area.

If I do not recall wrong we had a similar trouble with SHIV when it was initially released, some trouble with the mouse lag.

I suggest you also take a look into subsim.com SHIV forums for a similar trouble, just in case

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No I do not have a FRAPS, at least not that I know of.

I will go over to subsim.com and see what I can learn there.

I am not sure what SHIV is (Sub Hunt IV?)

I am running Windows Vista.

Do you think there is a FRAP program I can run from there?

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OK I downloaded FRAPS and it shows me, when running the game, a number in the lower left corner that ranges from 21 to 30.

I don't know if that's fast or slow.

I still have the mouse issue.

It's getting to be very frustrating.

Oh and thanks for your help Furia139 and happy New Year too!

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Well 20 to 30 are not bad. Higher would be better but with those frames you should not have mouse lag issues.

Try turning off vsync. Many mouse troubles are usually related to Vsync.

Another solution is to force your video card to "render" no more than 3 frames ahead.

Ahh by the way sometimes it is useful to make sure you have the latest software/driver for your specific mouse.

let me know if this helps with your trouble. :)

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