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Defend Jsir Al Doreaa -tactical scenario -

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Defend Jsir Al Doreaa scenario has been thought about, after reading the book « The defense of Jisr Al Doreaa » from Michael L.Burgoyne & Albert J.Marckwardt both captain in the US Army and having fought in Irak within the 7th US Cavalry. The book contains their recollection of things done between 2003 and 2008. Following the step of the well know small classic Boer war book “The Defence of Duffer’s drift” written by the then Captain Ernest D; Swinton . Like him, they are putting you in the boots of a freshly graduated 2nd Lieutnant, just out of Basic Officers Course, arriving in Irak. You will go through different dreams and or nightmares, always happening on the same map location for your Red platoon, with the same final objectives but that could be dealt differently, as you have acquire some lessons from your earlier dream.

It will play either as a stand alone or maybe like a campaign, I have not yet decided. If it is a campaign, despite the fact that you lost the battle (the dream) or won it, you will go to the next one and start it with a new and upgraded tactical combat posture, still on the same map.

The first dream is almost done and is being tested right now.

CSMF Marines add-on will be necessary with its patch 1.21





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Well, I just finished playing the test version, and it has all the makings of another great scenario. IEDs are a bitch but you have to love the Mk19, also 81mm mortar airbursts against troops in trenches.

(Snake Eye if you see this I'll type up the report and email it to you in the morning)

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Here are the last shots before the uploading today of Jsir Al Doreea 1st dream.

There after is an advice about the loading:

Warning - Defend Jsir Al Doreaa 1st dream -.This is a baked file (btb extension). move it into your scenario repertory as you would with a normal file (btt extension). When you start the scenario the Humvee’s and IFV’s will move toward the COP and stop there. From there, you will be able to play.

To be only played Blue against red A.I with CMSF - USMC Module V 1.21

My thanks to BLACKCAT for its test and all relevant information as seen from the player’s side





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Hmmm. Snake_eye, confirm that one should let the time run because I am 32 minutes into the scenario and I have done all the stuff in the briefing and the only encounters so far have been a car bomb, a technical and a spy caught wandering the road. I assume I am to wait it out to see if more stuff arises?

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Looking good Snake Eye,nice map and nice pics.

I'm definitely going to try this mission out and see if i can get a perfect game:D.I'm completely in the dark as to what happened in this battle, so everything will be unexpected for me as I play it.Then after wards I will look into this real life battle to see what those brave soldiers were up against and what kind tactics they used.

BlackMoria the whole point of playing these missions is to guess,speculate,plan and wonder in a unnerving way on what lies in wait or what is going to be approaching your forces.If the mission designer designs his plans right you will never know whats going to happen.I suggest playing the mission to the end before asking the designer on what's going to happen.You don't want the designer to spoil it for every1 and tell us what to expect do you:D.Where's the fun in spontaneous chaos management and tactical decision making when you know what to expect.:):P

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Very nice scenario. I was on pins and needles waiting for the shoe to drop, so to speak. The anticipation was nerve racking as one doesn't know where and when the assault will come....

I has sited my defences optimally based on where I figured the principal threat was coming from and made contigencies for enemy pushes from secondary approaches. I guessed right.

Blue Total Victory

My losses: 2 KIA, 7 WIA

Enemy losses: 100 KIA, 51 WIA, 2 Vehicles.

Question - are there multiple AI plans?

I look forward to the second nightmare... :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for answering only today. I have been out of reach for the last 20 days.

BLACKMORIA About your AI question :

There are only, one AI plan. There are not many alternatives to attack the compound, that explain why.

Thanks for playing and enjoying it. Like your proposal for the next "nightmare". I shall try to make it in the coming weeks, if I can afford some spare time.

Thanks to all of you.

By the way , do you think that the initial setting being made with a bake file is worth it. Will you rather prefer to move the troops as you like from the road to the compound ?


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Not sure what i am doing wrong but when I drop it into my scenario folder or the baked folder it does not show up. Any ideas?

Sorry Cabal,

I had overlooked your post. You might have had already the answer. In case you did not, the AAR file should be extracted into the scenario folder (not the bake file folder) despites its bake file extension.

The scenario has been made with the basic CMSF + the Marines addon + 1.21 patch

That's it


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