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For the bored - Fiefdom starting up


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I thought it was a perfectly dreadful round, really.

Yorick ran virtually unopposed, and the lack of serious competition exposed the flaws I felt Fiefdom always had. Caster attackers are crazy powerful and there is no defence at all against them. And my old complaint, that there is entirely too much protection for the gold and resources of players. Thus one must either utterly destroy rivals or leave them alone.

At least previous rounds I played (seems like I've missed a fair few) one side was balanced out by the other, and there was a generally a limit to the destruction before the enemy had to divert itself to another task. Now Yorick had all the unopposed strength to deal near unlimited destruction and not the style to refrain from doing it.

Which explains the severe kicking I received. Despite keeping myself to myself and not committing heinous crimes against anyone, towards the end I as an indie player had pretty much everything demolished.

I miss the old days were it was still worth cracking open a competitive fiefdom and stealing everything not nailed down, without inflicting too much lasting harm.

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