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Crash report.

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During the Chambois scenario, the one with the Poles,some where between turns 10-15 in the orders phase there was a crash. A few of the tiles went purle and then all the tiles turned purple and all textures and features went, the screen looked like a purple negative. I then played another scenario without any problems.

All the best,


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Guest Big Time Software

Hi Kip,

Well, sounds like a ghost in the machine thing. If it happens to you repeatedly, try and note what is going on just prior to the game crapping out on you.



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I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. First a few tiles turned white and when I rolled the map around, all tiles turned white.

My system is a PII-400 with a Voodoo3 3000 video card.

I switched quite a few times between the Windows desktop and CM while I was playing, could it have something to do with that.

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I got about the same system (with 128 kb intern memory) and I get the same problems when running to much programs in the background (virus scanner, cordless mouse, e-mail, crashguard, soundmixer, etc.). When I close down as much as possible usually no crashes or weird things happen, but sometimes I get strange tiles after switching from CM to e-mail and back, even if I closed the e-mail program after sending the mail.


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I don't even have the full version yet, but feel like I should say something here.

There is this exact type of issue with another game, Red Baron 3D, and Voodoo3 cards. In RB3D, texture tiles will "corrupt" over time, usually when many textures are being loaded/unloaded off the card (there's a lot of explosions, smoke, etc.) The only solution for the problem in RB3D, and one that works rock-solid, is to select the setting for "Limit Texture Memory to 2MB". AFter this choice is made, the graphics never corrupt. This problem does not occur with Voodoo2's, only Voodoo3's.

When the graphics do corrupt, entire tiles turn all black sometimes, sometimes white, and sometimes a shimmering "psychadelic" mutli-colored effect. Sounds VERY similar to the problem you describe. Only in RB3D, it's occurs much more frequently, on the order of every 10-15 minutes (as soon as some action starts, with explosions and whatnot). Sounds like it's not that big a problem in CM.

Just thought I'd pass it along...

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