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1938 Calm before the storm v1.7


Changes in v1.7

Adjusted strength of unit scripted German army (from 1 to 10)

Changed strength, research and experience of some German units in scripts

Added 1 paratrooper (Sea Lion) and 1 corps (Fall Schweden) to decison & unit scripts for Germany

Changed strength to 2 Italian and one Italian East African unit scripts

Changed name on some German units in unit scripts

Added one German unit script (Panzer Lehr)

Changed some USSR unit scripts

Switched 2 German unit scripts from corps to special forces (Operation Marita and Ilona)

Added French, Free French and Vichy French unit scripts in Africa

Added unit script for British Africa in Mandaka

Added unit script for UK in Freetown & Bissao

Fixed 1 faulty French unit script

Fixed spelling in decision script

Added 2 decision scripts 88 & 89, regarding German colony reinforcement and pairing unit script

Added decision script 90, Germany creates Deutsches West Afrika Korps in Spanish Sahara if Spain is 100% Axis

Increased strength of 2 German armies in production queue

Increased French Tank build limit to 4, and put it into production queue also

Added Italian Alpini corps to production queue and newly added 185th Folgore paratroopers also

Fixed supply scripts for Axis submarines attacking US coast

Adjusted some strength scripts (Axis blitz)

Fixed one faulty strength script

Increased German rocket costs

Changed combat target data for rockets

Named Spanish Sahara port Dakhla, changed some road there and added town of Dakhla

Fixed weather on one tile in Africa

Added 2 British African units in Nigeria and 1 in Gold Coast and 1 US in Liberia

Adjusted size of some pictures

Added some pictures and links to them

Chnaged Liberia from Neutral to USA

Added 1 German dimplomacy chit towards Spain

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Hi Canton,

Thanx a lot for the gread mod. I have completed it now 4 times as the

axis at 100% and expierence 1.0.

It' s quite challanging and especially the USSR is very tough. They seem to have unlimited resources. I usually keep them away by fortifying the

border to russion where the river early and placing artillery and anti-air there.

In 1938 I conquer trans-jordan (The only country which is at war at that time) with Italian east africa (amphibious). Also Denmark and Yugoslavia

with Germany, so I get a german harbour to place the german navy

in the mediterain. Since I already on Trans-jordan at this point I can

easily transport to the border of Egyt and conquer it before I attack poland.

Island is undefended and so is Canada so I could conquer it with 1 corps

(only strengh 2). I was wondering why the US did not join the allies as

I have landed in Canada, maybe because the corps was so weak?

After the fall of france the US could quite easily defended with a few

land units and all german aircrafts.

I think the USSR is quite strong with lots of resources and tech but they are unable to break trough the line of defence because of the fortification and the river bonus. They did not do much offensive action in iran even after I have conquerd it and also no attacks on finland after it had joined.

Maybe you should give the russian some other options to attack than just run into the artillery fire.

A amphibious landing over the easter sea would be an option or at the black sea trying to eliminate bulgaria. Or a kind of concentrated tank attack.

In my games lots of russian tanks came but being shot by the artillery before they came into action.

The PP for Italy are VERY low. Even after doing some progress I was only able to maintain the Italian east africa troups and very little was left for other italien troups. So most of the italien troups did nothing the whole game since it was impossible to get them into combat shape.

Maybe a solution would be less units but in better shape or give italy some

tech e.g. naval warfare or bombing so it would make sense to leave a country to italy which would otherwise be conquered by germany.

Doing it now will cost germany PP which it could spend more efficent than italy.

Just a few ideas to make a great mod even more interesting.

There are is a small error I found in the information Popup:

In 1938 before the annexion of Austria in the popup it says 'Großdeutschland'

Germany was only called this after the annextion of austria, so any events before should only use Germany .

Greetings Isnogud.

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So it sounds like a few units/script changes are in order.


1) Garrison Ottawa/Halifax

2) Garrison Amman


1) War on Yugoslavia before the German-Russian non Agression pact activates USSR

2) Axis occupation of any Canadian city forces USA to fully mobilize for war (unit scripts + Activation)

By Garrisoning Amman, it is unlikely that the tiny Italian forces will succeed in forcing Trans Jordan to surrender, they more than likely will just become misplaced, and trapped in the sand.

By Garrisoning a few key Canadian cities, and by adding a script that will result in the USA releasing the fury in retaliation, that should definitley deter any trickery moves in North America.

The early attack on Yugoslavia before the German-Russian non agression pact that would result in Russia entering the war would be suicidal. While it is possible Germany could have done it, it's just a huge hamper on the mod and how the war is suppose to play out.

Russia's tactics should be more than fine with the USA forcing the German's to divide it's forces once the USA decides it is ready.

Italy can be very useful, you just have to surrender a minor or so to Germany's little sister, and invest some early chits in Industrial technology.

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Hello Crispy, thanks for the feedack and ideas, i will try to add them, actually there is already a USSR activation script in the event of axis attack on Yugo, but i will increase the percentage some, it is not possbile to have any specific dates in these scripts.

I will go to work now and adjusting the game.

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.8 is now uploaded into the repository


Changes in v1.8

Changed German unit script for Luftflotte 5´s arrival in Norway from 1944 to 1940

Changed resources for Germany and USSR

Changed triggers for some Belgian unit scripts

Changed size of UK offensive script towards Bagdad

Changed name on one German paratrooper unit in unit script

Changed activation script for USSR reaction when Axis attack Yugoslavia, from 5-15% to 15-35% activation

Fixed several faulty offensive scripts (wrong UK minor)

Fixed one resource script for Germany

Fixed weather of one tile in Spain

Fixed strength script for Fall Gelb

Fixed a garrison script for Amman (wrong friendly position)

Fixed garrison script in Canada for Halifax and St.Johns (Wrong positions)

Increased 2 German HQ´s strength from 5 to 10 in production queue

Increased 1 German paratrooper´s strength from 5 to 10

Increased 1 German destroyers strength from 2 to 10 in unit script

Increased German build limits with one army and 2 corps

Increased Canadian build limits with 2 corps and 2 militia

Increased French tanks reserach to level 1 at start

Added activation script for USA to go to war if Axis comes near Ottawa or Halifax

Added one militia to Ottawa

Added garrison scripts for Ottawa, Kinshasa, Nairobi, Mombasa, Mandaka, Dakar, Am Timan, N`Djamena

Added South African army to UK unit script in Kenya

Added one UK army to unit script in Trans Jordan

Added British African unit script for Nairobi

Added UK offensive scripts to attack Addis Abeba and El Aauin

Added Free French offensive scripts to attack El Aauin and Bata

Added Free French unit scipt for Yaounde troops

Added unit script for UK to get 2 cruisers in Red Sea

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Hi Cantona!

I just finished your V1.3 and encountered a few oddities (axis vs. AI).

-I denied (decision event) to invade Poland (Fall Weiss), but attacked them anyway about two turns later (and accepted Hitler-Stalin-pact). What happened was, that I could conquer Poland without France or England going at war. In fact, they never went at war until 1944, when (after defeating Russia) I attacked France by myself. This even though I attacked "British africa" and conquered Egypt long before. Even after dowing France, England didn't go to war with axis. In fact, it was nice for me as axis to be able to conquer Poland (and Russia afterwards) without being bothered by the western allies.

-many pop-ups were completely illogical (notifications about Vichy, although Vichy in my game never existed, notification about Germany occupying the channel islands although I wasn't even at war with France or England, notification about Churchill ordering operation catapult and sinking the french fleet at mers-el-kebir, when everyone was at peace, and so on...)

-the map around the swiss-french-german-border is incorrect. I corrected it with the editor (see attachment) and corrected whole Switzerland (added 3 fortresses to represent the alp fortresses St. Maurice, St. Gotthard and Sargans, removed Lausanne and corrected the position of Geneva). This may not be of much importance for gameplay except for the fact, that on your map version Germany has a fortification on the WESTERN border of the Rhine river, which they did not have, on the contrary, the maginot line followed the Rhine to the swiss border. I also saw on the editor, that you didn't draw the Rhine completely (no river where the fortifications are!)

All in all I like your attempt to start the game early (1938) so I can try to build up and research what I like. I also love decision events (if they make sense...), but they need a lot of scripting. (I by the way noticed, that some decision events, like operation Tannenbaum, never showed up or only in 1945, when I dowed England).

I followed this thread and I know that your most recent version is 1.8, but I am not sure, if the above issues were solved yet (following your comments, I don't think so).

If you like me to send you the corrected map (corrected a few spellings too...) I will do so.

Thanks a lot for your work and keep it up!



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I am currently playing version 1.7 and one thing I decided to change in the editor was Spain's axis Parent to Italy. While not sure if that would be historical, but I found it has made the game way more enjoyable for a number of reasons.

First of all, it has created the feel of Spain as an independant nation from Germany because of their limited resources being shared with Italy. As well, Spain's African territory creates a feel of Africa being solely an Italian campaign, as Italy will then hold territory in all regions (North, East, South, and West)

Spain's strategic position on the map can not be ignored: France, Portugal, and Gibraltar are all within striking distance, and the Spanish can become activated long before Paris is captured resulting in a very experienced Spanish military. As a result I see the Spanish being a very useful ally, rather than a garrison army like Austria and the Czech's usually tend to be for myself.

The extra MPP's definitley help build the Italian armies, something that I found always took way too long, and it often left me without a built up navy to play with in the mediteranean.

I'm not sure if this is something you would like to incorporate into your future version's as It can be simply edited without effecting any scripts. But it has been certainly fun on my side.

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Now i believe i have fixed most of the faulty ones, i will see when v1.9 is uploaded.

Regarding Op Tannenbaum i set as a condition that Frnace shall be surrendered (as the plan where historically)

Some other decisons could also pop up when they not should, but i have not found out any way to have good conditions for these (Op Ilona for instance).

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Hello Sami, i recieved the files and loaded them into the editor no problem, but when i then tried to save it reported several script errors, i now realize that your map is from v1.3 and it does not match my latest map v1.8 or rather the one that will be v1.9, i have made huge map changes in Africa since v1.3

Now i am recreating my map using a back up of v1.8, i will manually do your changes, i guess they were only around Switzerland?

I never thought about this problem, well i do not think it will take that long time.


Thanks for the help :-)

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.9


Changes in v1.9

Lowered strength of some USSR armies at the map (from 10 to 5)

Increased German build limits with 1 artillery and reduced 1 army

Increased strength of Fliegerführer Sahara, Irak and Ost Afrika from 3 to 5

Added Romanian oil supply convoys to Germany

Fixed some pop up events, added more variable conditions for some also (thanks Samichlaus for pointing out them)

Added variable conditions for decision event for Operation Catapult (thanks Samichlaus)

Added activation script in case of Germany attacks Poland, then France and UK becomes 100 % active (thanks Samichlaus)

Added 1 corps and 1 militia to Switzerland build limits

Added French Army Groups Petain and De Tassigny

Added some more mountains in Africa

Added activation scripts in case of Axis attacks India, Anglo Egpyt Sudan or Britisch Africa, then UK becomes 100 % active (thanks Samichlaus)

Changed Italy to Spain axis parent (thanks Crispy)

Changed the map around Switzerland and added fortresses, also added maginot line to the French Italian border, Luxembourg border and completed Rhine river where it´s missing (thanks Samichlaus)

Lowered upgrade cost for Austrian (to 125%) units and Czechoslovakian (to 150%) units, in reality all Austrian units was integrated into the German army, but i wanted to keep some Austrian units to use so that´s why they are there.

I have now added variable conditions for desicion events when that is possible, but sometimes it´s not possbible, so then these events may turn up even though they are old and will not happen, like Spain, they are usually some percentage Axis, then it is not possible to add a variable condition when the desicion event to attack them should occur.

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USA became active around April 1941. I just opened my last save file for the game, and in August USA had 12 Armies, 10 Corps, 2 Artilleries, 1 Tank, and 1 HQ.

They could have done some serious damage. Could it be a shortage of HQ's? I seem to recall that in other games, (Fall Weiss, Storm of Steel etc.) that the USA would never transport its troops to England without it's preset HQ arriving via the production que.

The USA did halt my West Africa campaign with a trio of Heavy Bombers, however it was the wrong theatre to make a difference in.

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The game as a whole had an amazing feel to it though. The battle with France is tricky, you can really set yourself back and lose some very important untis, if you are not careful with your attacks. Because of the slow moving calendar, usually Paris will fall with enough time to prepare Seelowe. So the battle with France is done well.

Operation Seelowe is possible but it is a definite strain on man power. Garrisoning England and Ireland afterwards was difficult to do, as most of my militias, were already garrisoning key partisans areas in Poland and France. Though again i like this, it made these decisions that much more costly, as they were of course beneficial.

Yugoslavia is a true thorn, right on the heels of war with Russia. Although it isn't anything Italy and an ally such as Hungary can not take care of.

Egypt is well done, the Allies had alot of firepower. If I could suggest one change, it would be to have the Commonwealth HQ arive much earlier so th at the 1st and 7th armour battalion's are something to fear. As it is now, Tobruk will never fall from the hands of the Italians, not even momentarily.

In version 1.9 I understand you have scripted the UK to attack all the colonies (Spanish, and Italian) throughout Africa, so I will just say good idea.

The USA, I have seen this country less and less through many scenario's attack French North Africa, and Tunisia I am not sure if you have this scripted, but it would be a refreshing change, and would put alot of pressure on the Egyptian campaign.

Then of course Russia, the real Battlefield. Here's a skeleton recap of what I expereinced:

1941: I tried to be as built up as I could along the Russian border as Italy and Hungary were left to battle the Yugoslavians, and Germany raised new units to attack Greece. Romania's forces are strong enough to take Odessa, and Germany is able to blitzkrieg into Russia. The summer offensive is very tough, and it takes many turns to advance and captures the small towns scattered though Russia.

Late of 1941, Leningrad still stands, Moscow seems out of reach, and my Italian and Romanian forces and blasted at the gates of the Kaukas. I am forced to retreat from Rostov, and the Russians reclaim Sevastapool as I lost a total of 5 Italian and Romanian armies combined in the retreat. In the villages infront of Moscow the Russians begin to surround my armies and tanks, leaving me to only wonder what I can do to stop the coming onslaught.

I pulled all my aircraft back to Poland, before the coming Soviet winter, and spend the cold months building elite status from their experience. I turn towards England, which only finally was defeated in the summer of 1941. My paraptroopers and Special Forces are elite 12-14 strength. I replace them with my Norwegian garrisons, and transefer them to the gates of moscow just in time for the spring thaw of 1942.

1942: Once the fog clears, my elite airforce returns and makes mincemeat of Leningrad, and my England troops storm towards Moscow, destroying everything in it's way, soon after they are aided by my airforce. The surprise offensive Fall Blau, left Russia extremely vulernable, and I was able to take Moscow.

The passing winter saw Egypt, Trans Jordan and Iran fall to Axis forces, which forced Russia to protect the back entrance to the Kaukas. At this point with time hopefully on my side I bascially rolled the dice that the USA was not on it's way towards England and pushed all my resources towards Stalingrad for the win.


Some suggestions for Russia:

The surprise offensive script of Fall Blau may have been a little too much help to keep this campaign lasting long enough, to see the Allies return to Western Europe.

Possibly some fortifications around Stalingrad, or a unit script raising defensive forces around the Russian's alternate capital after Moscow falls.

This was a long post I know, I just thought you deserved some feedback for all the hard work!

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Whoaw, thanks very much for the feedback!

I will try to put in as much of your suggestions as possible.

Yes, There are USA scripts to attack North Africa, i am not sure why it not happens so often, it´s the same for me But if you hold England as Axis the North African invasion will no happen according to the scripts, maybe i should change that)

I will add a few more US HQ´s also and put one of them in the production queue.

I will add Stalingrad fortifications at the beginning instead of scripted ones, i believe building forts around Moscow takes up the time.

I will also give the AI some more Moscow units, there are already also quite a few Stalingrad units scripted that should have arrived when you when closing in.

I will also add some offensive scripts for the Allies.

Myself i almost always gets bogged down in Russia at Moscows doors in the winter and then gets crushed after the winter, i had not thought about the idea to move away some units to save them from the winter.

Then i will also try to add something i call Gentleman´s agreement, to not chose to plan attack of Spain if Spain is Axis (since you will get 3 corps)

And again, Thanks!

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.10

Ok, here another version comes, sorry for the fast updates, you will just have to download and install and then a new version is already there, but i had some time to do this now after Christmas dinner and present exchanging.


Changes in v1.10

Increased French Build limits for Tanks from 4 to 5

Increased USSR Build limits for Rockets from 2 to 4

Added 2 rockets in the production queue (1940 and 1942)

Added German partisans "Polizei" on the map

Increased US build limits with 1 more Tank, Attackbomber and fighter

Increased US build limits to 8 HQ´s (from 6), and added one to August in the production queue (thanks Crispy)

Changed bitmaps for USSR rockets and German paratroopers in desert and at winter

Removed one militia from the Afrika korps unit script

Moved UK unit script to strengthen Western Desert Force to happen in july 42 and increased the force some

Added 3 offensive script for USSR to attack Kharkov, Kiev and Berlin

Added 1 offensive script for USA to attack Berlin

Added 1 corps to Dakar troops unit script (Free France)

Added 1 militia to Am Timan troops unit script (France, Free France, Vichy France)

Added one tank to UK Nairobi unit script

Added one HQ to UK Egypt unit scipt

Changed dates on some UK unit scripts in Africa

Fixed spelling in unit scripts

Added some units to Moscow unit script

Changed dates and conditions for USSR Stalingrad unit scripts

Removed fortification scripts for Stalingrad, instead there are premade fortifications at the beginning (thanks Crispy)

Commonwealth HQ unit script arrival moved from 4103 to 4012 (thanks Crispy)

Lowered effect of fall Blau strength script some.

Added 1 Spanish corps to be arrive if Germany plans attack on Spain

Changed a few offensive scripts

Lowered strength on unit script Panzerarmee Afrika

Added some mountains in Africa and a fort "Mechili"

Added polish town Tarnow

Changed some text

Changed diplomacy costs to 225 and 350 MPPs

Added one gentleman´s agreement in one decision event (planning attack on Spain)

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.11


Changes in v1.11

Chnaged Research, 2 chits allowed at each research area now, but the chance for a hit is lowered to 3% for level 1 , 2% for level 2 and 3, 1% for level 4 and 5.

Removed 1 German army in unit scripts (19th)

Increased strength on 11th German Army in the production queue (from 1 to 10)

Lowered USA activation from 5 to 2%

3 new German unit scripts added (Ost legionen)

Fixed weather on some tiles

Changed back Germany as Spain´s Axis parent as i think Italy gets too strong and alter the balance in Africa too much

Changed date on one UK offensive script

Added Spanish convoy to Germany

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.12


Changes in v1.12

Changed German 1st Paratroopers experience to 1

Increased maximum research

Fixed picture link in pop up script

Fixed text in unit script

Changed some resource bitmaps

Added one German industrial center and added that to one resource script

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.13


Changes in v1.13

Moved starting date of the campaign to 1938-08-24

Fixed weather at one tile

Changed resource spirits

Added some pop-up script

Removed one pop-up script

Changed USSR activation script regarding German garrison of Poland

Added one German resource to resource event to be activated in 1943

Added some positions to German strength events in Russia

Added German unit script linked to Barbarossa

Added USSR unit script and rockets and fighters to Moscow script

Delayed USSR siberian transfer unit script from 1943-01 to 1943-07

Fixed text in unit scripts

Added Iraqi convoy to Germany

Changed name of Tanga to Dar es Salaam

Added many names in text

Added name to Mecca and Aswan

Added one road in Tanzania

Changed some terrain in Europe, Africa and Saudi Arabia

Changed German/Dutch border

Changed German/Polish borders and Polish surrender script

Moved Cracow, Katowice, Poznan and Lodz 1 tile westwards and changed some script due to this

Added 1 Dutch corps and HQ to the map, also removed 1 army from build limits

Added 1 Belgian corps and HQ to build limits and to the map

Added 1 corps and 1 tank to Polish forces at the map

Changed and added garrison positions for USSR and Poland

Added Terezin fortresses in Czechoslovakia and some unnamed defense lines

Added Modlin fortress in Poland

Added Italian defense line Alpine wall

Added German Pomeranian wall and Ostwall defense wall

Added USSR Molotov line defense wall and garrison scripts

Added Dutch Grebbe Line defense

Added Belgian KW Line defense

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.14


Changes in v1.14

Added activation event for Finland to join Axis if Germany and USSR is at War at the time for the winter war to end. (Kaiser52)

Also added variable condition for the decision event to end the winter war, now this decision does not occur if USSR is fully allied activated (Kaiser52)

Added variable condition for the Bessarabia decision event, now this decision does not occur if USSR is fully allied activated (Kaiser52)

Added variable condition for the annexation of Baltic states decision event, now this decision does not occur if USSR is fully allied activated (Kaiser52)

And as usual it will some hours before it´s published

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.15


Changes in v1.15

Replaced 18th German army in production queue with 3rd army

Fixed one pop-up event

Fixed 2 faulty activation script

-Added one more Archangel harbour

-Liverpool and Archangel harbour should be ok to get convoys (they stops sometimes during the game), i believe the problem where that to many axis surface raider supply script was directed towards Liverpool and Archangel.

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