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1.21 Soldiers on rooftops

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"Soldiers on rooftops receive better cover."

Is that true for soldiers on balcony?

Don't quote me on this but I don't think so. I was playing a mission last night where I had a full squad running for cover inside a building. Unfortunately they decided to head for the balcony LOL. Anyway, within a turn of sunbathing on the balcony the entire squad was torn up by one shot from a BMP. All of them were either KIA or incapacitated in a single go. Now I guess you could say that is realistic. After all, they were exposing their privates on the balcony and facing a BMP. But even still, taking into account the perceived cover and the relative abstraction you expect from buildings I don't think this has been addressed. But dudes on the rooftops definitely receive more cover now.

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I know it's been discussed, but will we ever see troops staying inside the building when on a balcony level? Why would a sniper go out on a balcony to set up shop? They would be firing ( as would any other sane person) from inside the building where the most cover is available.

+1 For the love of god +1

It is time to address this.

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I recall some balcony types had been toughened-up for 1.20. I don't know if the wrought iron balcony will ever provide much protection or cover. :)

Why would soldiers go onto a balcony? Why would tankers go into combat unbuttoned? For unobstructed views from an elevation! And like unbuttoned tankers, a good idea quickly turns into a bad idea if one guy with a rifle pops up 150m away. I, for one, place balconies specifically to mess with the player. If the scenario you're playing has got a 2 story building with no windows in the back but a door leading to a balcony, that's probably one of my scenarios. :D

One criticism I do accept for balconies is badly designed maps. It took awhile before scenario designers stopped adding balconies as mere eyecandy and started seeing them as deliberately placed tactical problems. That's one of the reasons why the later Marine and Brit scenarios are better. "Lessons learned" in scenario design.

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+1 here.

I'll accept the condition that balconies are deathtraps. But if so, at least well-trained and/or experienced troops shouldn't fight from them. It drives me up a wall every time I see an entire squad line itself up on a balcony like ducks in a shooting gallery.

AIUI, proper MOUT training teaches to stay well away from open positions like balconies and windows. Unless the building is of very heavy construction (e.g., concrete rebar exterior walls), you fight from well inside the building and fire from there through the exterior doors and windows.

I can see a single soldier sneaking out onto a balcony strictly as an OP, or a sniper or FO using a balcony if the enemy is at long range and very unlikely to spot and take the unit under fire, but if the code can't be worked out to allow these exceptions, then I'd rather just have *all* units stay off balconies entirely.

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