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3rd Brit Scenario AAR

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PARAMETERS: Turn-based, 'Veteran'.


OBJECTIVES: Ocuppy the Crossroads, Bridge 1 and Bridge 2 in that order.

TERRAIN: All three objectives are commanded by low hills. These features are crucial:

1. The reverse slopes offer cover.

2. The slopes offer good firing positions and LOS.

3. The peaks offer good OPs for spotters.

Each of these features must be secured before mission objectives can be accomplished and held.

SET UP: I divide my force into two groups of equal strength:

Gp 1 will operate East to West, advancing a little towards the Crossroads and suppressing Enemy units there, as well as those presumed to be sheltering behind the western hills.

Gp 2 will operate South to North, advancing to secure the range of hills lying NW of the start line, on our right flank.

PLAN: GP 1 will suppress then clear Enemy units lying to the West, making sure to secure the western heights as well as the Crossroads. Gp 2 will secure the NW heights commanding both the Crossroads and Bridge 1, setting up a base of fire and OP. Once the Crossroads is secure, Gp 1's line of operation will switch South to North. Enemy units defending the bridges will be suppressed and cleared. The heights commanding the approaches to Bridge 1 will be secured as a base of fire and OP. When local

dominance is established, a fast assault on both bridges is envisaged.

1700: Operations begin. Enemy units are concentrated on the Crossroads and on the reverse slopes of heights.

1705: Gp 1 halt 300m from Crossroads and pour in suppressive fire. Gp 2 advance on the NW heights and engage enemy units on the reverse slope. We take casualties and a Challenger (Cpl Templeton) is immobilised while breasting the ridge, but its gun remains in action. Enemy units destroyed and a counter-attack is repelled.

1710: Gp 1 remain in line formation, blasting the Crossroads. Gp 2 set up C2, AT and Spotter teams on NW heights. Cpl Templeton's stranded Challenger adds muscle to this base of fire. Remaining vehicles shelter on reverse slopes.

1715: Group 1 splits in two: Challengers advance on western hills, AVs advance on Crossroads. The Challengers advance using western hills as cover. On arrival, they split into two groups and work

around both sides of hill to engage enemy units sheltering behind. Meanwhile, the AVs speed onto the Crossroads and mop up Enemy resistance. Gp 2 repel several Enemy sorties, the Javelin teams destroying

Enemy vehicles at will. As soon as situation stabilises, AVs plus mounted Inf. skirt round base of hill and, using high ground as cover, begin a flank march against Bridge 1.

1720: Enemy units on the Crossroads and the western edge of the battle zone neutralised. And so Gp 1 occupies Crossroads and forms up to suppress Enemy units defending Bridge 1. Meanwhile, the Gp 2 assault

force secures the heights commanding Bridge 1 and sets up a base of fire and OP. We now dominate the whole battle zone and Enemy units are easily destroyed as they deploy.

1725: Forward elements of both Gp 1 and Gp 2 converge on Bridge 1 and occupy it. Enemy sorties are smashed by heavy armour and AT units. Bridge 2 is undefended, so AVs advance rapidly to occupy, covered by remaining forces.

RESULT: total victory - 1000 points. Our losses: 3 KIA, 4 WIA, 1 MIA, 1 AV. Enemy losses: 152 KIA, 76 WIA, 52 MIA, 9 Tanks, 31 AVs.

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