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Can I carry one battle situation over to the next?

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Question about custom battles and campaigns in TOW2:

Now that I've created and uploaded the a.m. scenario for El Guettar, I'm curious about how I might link it to an afternoon scenario (the German second-wave attack).

I realize that one can link two separate battles in a campaign, and have losses/experience carry over from one to the next.

But.. is there any way in the current game to have the first battle end, then let the player go to the Reserves screen to regroup/reorganize, then return to the same battlefield map (with all the the bodies and flaming wrecks from the first fight still in place)?

For example, instead of two linked battles, maybe one could set up the afternoon fight as the second half of the first battle, and just have some reinforcements set up to arrive at a certain point, etc. But I think in that case, it might quickly run up against the limits on the number of units in the game.

My idea is to have it work this way:

In the a.m. scenario, a German win ends the whole thing (decisive German victory) and in that case there is no afternoon fight.

The two other possibilities would be:

A U.S. win in the morning leads to an afternoon battle, and the US gets good reinforcements.

An a.m. stalemate (neither side's win/fail trigger is reached), so a timer goes off and the player has to prepare for the afternoon fight at with fewer reinforcements.

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1/ it is not possible to keep damage buildings and damage tanks on a map, for two missions.

Gnasher did this, by adding wreck in the second mission, but of course, wrecks are not the ones that were in the first mission. But it is enough to give the feeling of a second battle at the same place.

2/ the two others possibility are possible, but not the first I think

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it is not possible to keep damage buildings and damage tanks on a map, for two missions.

This is the biggest drawback of ToW in my opinion. If this would be possible, we could create campaigns with a lot more continuity, just like it was done in Close Combat (fighting on the same map untill one side is forced to retrat to an other map)

I hope this possibility will be included in a future patch or release of ToW

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