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Old Russian Demo - 1.2gig and still very nice to play!


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I am greatly enjoying mucking around with the old Russian demo which is a pleasure to play.

Three missions in total including a tutorial. The graphics are glorious as is the smoothness of play. Damn the torpedoes here I come!

Thanks to Some-guy.

This demo is really really nice.

"There is an older playable demo. It is Russian.

Here is a link:


Click on this for the file: Морской охотник Демо (1,2 Гб)

To get the program to install you will need to rename the file after you save it as most US systems do not support cyrillic characters. I renamed mine to demo.exe and then executed it to install the software.

To make the in-game options in the GUI display in English to know what graphic and realism options settings are you must change a file.

Find Start.ini in your X:\Program Files\Akella Games\Ìîðñêîé Îõîòíèê folder. Erase what is in there and replace it with the following:




<play_intro val="1"/>


The game will still be in Russain but at least you can see what the settings are.

Also, your crew will not fire their guns in the first (tutorial) mission on their own but they do in all other missions.

Please remember this is an older demo released a number of months before Battlefront got involved.

I hope that helps."

make sure after you have noted the settings that u change back to Russian or you will see no missions and pressing start will crash the game!

Key map for those interested;

Key commands for anyone interested in playing the demo.

Common Controls

` - Camera Next Actor

F1 - Help

Numpad Minus - 1x Time

Numpad Plus - 2x Time

K - Toggle Message Panel

Tactical Mode Controls

J - Switch Auto AI mode

K - Switch tactical mode

UP - Camera Forward

DOWN - Camera Back

LEFT - Camera Left

RIGHT - Camera Right

SHIFT - Camera Fast Move

CTRL - Camera Slow Move

Button 2 - Add waypoint

BACKSPACE - Remove Last Waypoint

DELETE - Delete All Waypoints

A - Select All Units

1 - "User" Formation

2 - Line Formation

3 - V Line Formation

4 - Quad Formation

Simulator Mode Controls

SPACE - Launch Toprpedo

B - Drop Charge

O - Objectives

M - Toggle Maximize Map

T - Lay Smoke

N - Signal Flare

W - Up Engine Power

S - Down Engine Power

A/D - Turn Port/Starboard

Button 1 - Fire Weapon

Button 2 - Toggle Binoculars

Button 3 - Select Primary Target

Scroll Wheel - Scroll Primary Target

R - Reload

L - Searchlight

NEXT - 1x Radar Zoom

PREV - 4x Radar Zoom

1 - Next Light Gun

2 - Next Flak Gun

3 - Camera Current Actor

4 - Camera Cabin

5 - Camera Next Torpedo

0 - Free Look

DELETE - Net Suicide

C - Toggle Crew

Z - Zig Zag

Y - Retreat

G - Engine Repair

F - Put Out Fire

H - Hull repair

TAB - Net Stat

TAB - Commands

V - Catapult Plane


F11 - Run Debugger

Submarine Controls (Disabled)

P - Dive

[ - Depth Control Down

] - Depth Control Up

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Thanks Destraex

I downloaded the russian demo, installed in russian (in english it crashed) and with the keys you gave us I can run it quite well. The game is very good, great graphics etc...

BTW eastern games are fantastic. T72, Lock on, Front roads Kharkov 1943, Chech and Hungarian routes in Train Simulator, the amazing russian airports and the TU 154 in Flight Simulator 2004, etc.. etc...

Also Silent hunter V is being developed in Romania, so we can wait great things for the near future, provided these demos become commercial games and overcome the distribution problems that seem to be there in the western world.

Best regards


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