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I would like to see a strategic attack feature for ground units. Perhaps for Paras and special forces only, although I think there is an argument for other land units attacking resources to result in a diminished efficiency and supply level.

Like when naval units bombard a resource with a land unit occupying and there is a chance for that unit to take a strength hit. Yeah ...I know...I asked for this before....but humans have short memories.;)

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Possibly ENGINEERS and special forces. But really, any serious combat is destructive to infrastructure. An army can do a lot of damage if it chooses. I reckon the reduction in fortification by 2 steps is sufficient by special forces (maybe add engineers) is enough. Paras can't carry enough munitions to really damage infrastructure (OK they blew up bridges but thats below the resolution of SC - though I would like to see that in the future. IE where rail or road crosses rivers there is a point of attack for bombers that cuts road movement or operational movement).

What would be interesting would be to allow Engineers to attack their own infrastructure - ie mining ports, blowing up bridges etc. when in retreat. But maybe better is just to let a player voluntarily reduce a resource or port by a few levels per turn. Really, the way SC localizes all engineering capacity in 1 or 2 units is a bit strange. If you did this you would no longer need special rules for scorched earth.

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I would rework supply. It is too sensitive. By that I mean too many factors have too much of an effect on it which in turns reduces it too much. I would make supply 10 to start with (always)and then let some factors influence it but not so drastically. So going below 70 percent was unusual. And a unit could ALWAYS move one tile in any direction in one turn.

I would scale back the effects of the uber-tactical bombers. No air attack could reduce a ground unit below a strength of 5. Do not let airstrikes decimate an entire front line of hundreds of thousands of men in one turn. So if you have a tank group strength 10 then airstrikes could not take it below a 5, period. To finish the job you would have to commit ground forces.

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I HOPE that that supply is going to be addressed in the patch. I am playing the AI and I'm the Axis. It is early 1943 and I have taken China. I had five really good units and an HQ and chased down the Chinese units all the way to Urumchi. But now, thanks to the damn supply and very limited movement, these units will be lucky to get back to the front lines before the war is over. It is driving me nuts the way supply works. One minute my units in North Africa have a 5 or 6 for supply(I'm just holding the line around the depression) and the next turn, without me moving any unit, the supply drops to 2 or 3 for the units. How is this possible? So then I get my butt kicked for no reason.

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Yes, that pesky Malta. My only point is that supply plays an out of proportion role. It is a supply game not a war game.

I have a unit in China that I can't move. He has been in Ranroon for so many turns I lost count. I finally spent an exhorbitant amount and Operated him 4 tiles to the north which is one tile south of Chittagong. I have 2 HQ's nearby but that damn unit still won"t move one tile north into that city. I'm trying to get that unit into the front lines which is my assault on Calcutta. But HE WON'T MOVE. I am ready to shelve this supply game. I get too ticked off and it isn't fun anymore. Unit reaction to low supply is to extreme. Even I could walk 40 miles in one month. I know you need a supply model but it is too sensitive and has too much control over every aspect of the game. If I could turn off supply entirely I would.

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Oh yolo911, believe me there are more player than only you who wants the units ALWAYS be able moving at least 1 tile in any direction. Yes any direction. I agree that it is frustrating and not realistic when a ground unit can't move 1 tile forward at the same time when a fighter easily move 3 tiles even there is no airport.

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Rangoon, that meens jungle, i think, and probably bad weather as well. I can live with this, and i wouldn't agree that it should always be possible to move 1 tile within a game turn (14 days).

But i think something like gebirgsjaeger / mountain troops would be a fine addition (may it be as a tech or as a new special unit).

If those would be allowed to move every turn, well, i guess those guys would truly be equipped for it, like with donkeys etc.

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Just to provide some feedback on the minimum 1 tile rule this is actually already in place but as currently implemented it is admittedly a bit confusing.

For example, originally we implemented a minimum 1 tile movement rule for whenever a unit could not move forward but ran into issues where you could block your unit from behind with friendly units and as a result you could always move forward through otherwise impassable terrain and essentially negate the importance of roads. Think the frontlines of China and you can quickly see how this is a problem.

We added a rule check to make sure that this is not the case but then when you do receive the minimum 1 tile movement bonus it can be quite confusing from the player's perspective as to why as it often appears inconsistent.

I suspect this will change and I'm leaning towards simply allowing the minimum 1 tile movement for only when a unit cannot move at all, i.e. if a friendly unit can move out of the way then this rule will not go into effect. Literally the unit must be stuck or the rule will not kick in.

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If there are impassible tiles in China is there a map that marks these tiles so they can be avoided?

I had a Japanese infantry unit strength 13 sitting at Rangoon. He would not move one inch to the north. So I finally spent the money and operated him to the tile just south of Chittagong, thinking I was back on track. Well, next turn the only thing that unit would do is move one tile south. So I spent the next several turns getting that unit back to Rangoon where I had to use Amphibious transport to get him to Chittagong. What a fiasco.

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Yolo, why do i have the feeling that you didn't understood what Hubert wrote?

Honestly: use HQs, avoid bad weather or bad terrain, get the mobility upgrade.

There is a reason why you suffer this way. And it is not the game engine as you can read above in Huberts statement.


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Yolo, impassable in the context that you do not have enough action points to otherwise traverse the terrain thus needing to use the roads or go around or accept in some situations (by game design) that you cannot move your unit through these tiles, and not completely impassable such as the Qattara Depression and so on.

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I actually had two HQ's within 2 tiles of the unit that wouldn't move north. I will wait for the patch and see how that plays out.

And of course I always appreciate comments from Xworm. You think the supply and movement is perfect and can't be improved upon. However, I think that overall the game is very entertaining and has a lot of replay value, but if I had the power to make changes I would take a second look at the extreme effects of supply, too resticted movement rules and uber tactical bombers.

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Yolo, sorry if my last comment sounded maybe a bit to rude.

I simply, probably because of a different background, can understand that there might be areas where a large unit can't move into certain terrain, at least not in bad weather.

I try to move my HQs next to the unit i want to move (adjacent, side by side). Most times this helps. If not, i try to move a different, passable way, and / or to kill any enemy i can't reach with my air force (land or naval) or airborne units.

If the map would be bigger, like in PDE or PT, than i would probably support your wish, i presume. But with the slightly smaler map scale i feel content with some movement limitations, at least in Burma and the chinese mountains.

I have to admit that there was a time not so very far away that i felt pretty much the same like you. But after playing the game for some time (thanks to Hubert in the 1.01 beta version) i came to accept and welcome those very few limitations, as i feel them fitting into the historical time frame and into what i think might be historical problems.


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I too am sorry if I appeared to be too sensitive with your comments. I know there have to be limitations on movement. And actually I have spent a lot of time playing this game. I try to follow the rules and have lots of HQ's around. Perhaps they should have an increased positive effect on supply and movement since they are so expensive to purchase. I am actually kicking butt as the Axis. In fact India just surrendered as I was typing this.But the Yanks are on the move again in the pacific. But the AI seems to be wasting lots of units on poorly planned amphibious landings around the DEI.

I just get a little uptight over movement and supply. I am looking forward to the first patch to see how things may have changed/improved.

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I'm back and want to list the features that the game needs:

Overland convoy routes:

Persia to USSR (representing USA to USSR)

Vichy to Germany

Germany to Italy

Romania to Germany

Turkey to Germany

Enemy land and air units can interdict.

Expanded oil feature:

Make oil more valuable. If you don't have control of oil resources you're mechanized units don't move as far.

At sea supply:

A right click can re-supply distant ships at an MPP cost and with a chance of failure based on distance from closest port and number of enemy ships nearby.


Let nations go back and forth between belligerence, mobilization and alignment depending on game events etc. This covers armistices, Italy and Romania flipping sides etc.

Friendly transit and supply:

Allow friendly units to cross territory and use rail and supply if a certain mobilization is reached. For example, Turkey reaches 50% Axis allowing Axis units to cross its territory, use its rail and use its cities and ports for supply.

Advanced Special Weaopns unit:

Via the editor allow the special weapons unit to have nation specific explosion.bmp and sounds. Allow customizable strategic attacks. For example, an atomic bomb special weapon permanently destroys a resource.

Unit upgrades:

Add artillery, AA, engineers and tactical commanders.

Engineers add APs and tactical commanders add APs or combat features depending on the commander, Guderian, Patton, Student etc.

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Restricted DOWs:

Put a toggle in the editor to allow or not allow DOWs upon it by certain alignments. For example, a UK DOW on Venezuela, I don't think so.

Save APs:

Please stop punishing me for accidentally clicking away from a unit after movement but before combat!!!!!

Restrict air operation:

Make fighetrs and tac air transportable and put a limit on their operation range.


Just kidding.....

Buildable roads and railroads:

Allow railroads and roads to be built like forts are. (Allow strat air to destroy railroads) Rail, roads and forts can be built in any friendly tile with an engineer or engineer improved unit for MPPs.

Garrison troops:

Change anti-tank units to garrison units. Limited APs and attack values.

Coastal guns:

Give forts the ability to attack naval units in range.

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I would love to see a way we could locate a folder with music(ww2) to play while we a doing the game. Even better would be a script or some way to have it play german/japanese music when Axis turn and US , British, USSR music when Allies turn. I would find this adds to the mood of the game. Of course the option to have no music should still be present for those of you who need absolute silence when considering your next move.

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model options:

german AA: (anti aircraft radar lvl)

lvl1: 20mm

lvl2: 37mm

lvl3: 88mm

when moterised: Sdkfz 7/1

german AT gun:

lvl1: 75mm

lvl2: 88mm

when moterised: StugIII

artillery when moterised: Hummel

russian artillery when moterised: katusja

russian At gun when moterised: SU76

US/Brit artillery when moterised: 105mm priest

US/Brit AA when moterised: .50cal quad halftrack

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One feature I'd like to see is the addition of notes to tiles, preferably with a feature to set a reminder.

These could be used to plan attacks and longer term strategies. You could then chart whether your plans are on track or not, for example.

Reminders could be set on units in odd locations which you sometimes forget. The reminder would trigger once upon turn completion, for example.


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