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Syrian Army Ranks


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I've been trying to find a guide to Syrian Army rank insignia without any success. Anyone know where I could find such info?

BTW, it would be really nice to have a tooltip for the rank insignia as displayed in the interface, just like we have now for a unit's assigned equipment.

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"Syria's 29-year military presence in Lebanon ended Tuesday when Syrian soldiers crossed back over the border." 2005


"Syrian soldiers march in front of their senior military leaders during a farewell ceremony held at the al-Rayaq military airport in Lebanon, 25 miles east of the Syrian-Lebanese border on Tuesday, April 27, 2005"



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Great stuff!

Sandokan and Chainsaw,

If that offends, you definitely need to see what India's doing--in addition to this!


Agni missile


And that's tame compared to the Prithvi



John Kettler

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I'm going to guess Republican Guards. I say that because the same symbol was used for Iraqi RG since there are so many other similarities between Saddam's Iraq organizations and Syrian (supposedly the same "party" in both).


That's what I thought, that the triangle was similar. Still, your Republican Guard is a bunch of 19-20 year old rats straight from the dunes? No thanks. Also, what is the difference, if any, between their "Commandos" (red berets) and the Rep. Guards? I mean, with that kitchenware on their heads, they look like children wearing their dad's uniform.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Baathists of Syria were very similar to those of Iraq. Saddam fled to Syria after the coup of '58/whatever year it was when he was 22..

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Thanks! That still leaves a couple of unanswered questions (regarding the in-game insignia) though:

-I assume the one with three chevrons is Sergeant, correct?

-There are two versions of the enlisted insignia with two chevrons: one pointing upwards and the other facing downwards. I assume one is for Corporal, but the other...?

-Some regular Syrian units show no rank insignia. Is there a reason for this?

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Hi all,

From top to bottom:

Corporal ('Arif).

Sergeant (Raqib).

Staff Sergeant/Sergeant First Class (Raqib Awwal).

2nd Lieutenant (Mulazim).

1st Lieutenant (Mulazim Awwal).

Captain (Naqib).

Major (Ra'id).

Lt Colonel (Muqaddam).

A soldier with no rank insignia is a Private (Jundi).

One chevron pointing downwards would be a Private First Class (Jundi Awwal). I don't know if it's used in the game.

I hope that helps.



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You are welcome. Hi all,

I've done the following comparison chart of all ranks and insignia of CMSF's armies.


If you see something that is wrong, please tell me here so I can change it. Because I'd like to upload it to the Repository on the next days so anyone that wants to have it can dowload it. I still haven't found in the game the Syrian insignia with one chevron pointing downwards that it would match with a OR-2/OR-3 Private First Class (Jundi Awwal), although I've got the feeling I've seen it before... but it could be as well that I'm imagining things. Anyway, if by any chance you've seen while playing an insignia that it isn't pictured in this chart, you can take a screenshot and I'll be pleased to add it to the chart.



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Red Card on the very first post in the forums.I think that's a sign of a rocky relationship in the making.Army life is rugged and you better be mentally and physically tough, that's all.

Since this thread was brought back to the surface,I might as well type that this ranking chart was extremely helpful for me.It gave me a better understanding to what ranking the squads were made up off and how many privates and corporals are in them.Helped me out with my AAR's and now whenever I mention a squad in a report, the rank and name follow.

Thanks for this download,i still got it and use it:)

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