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So I want to move a Javelin team across the battlefield so I put them into a spare WMIK but rather than driving off they just sit in the passanger seat and stare at each other!

"Jenkins, take the wheel!"

"But corporal, I am only qualified to drive WMIK's armed with GPMG's. This one doesn't have a top mounted weapon"

"Dammit, if only I'd known. Looks like we're walking then"

They can't even aquire more small arms ammo. This is not a problem for a javelin team but what if a squads need more ammo and sends 2 guys to stock up?

On a related note, here is the GMG:


The button says they are deployed but they arn't. They have been in that position for a long time but they havn't started to set out the tripod.

Savegames available

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I have already tried what flamingknives suggested. That should also rule out the GUI glitch. Could it be that vehicle crewmen are not allowed to use GMG's?

I will try to move them and deploy again soon but it is a PBEM so it might take a little while.

Not being able to drive the WMIK or even aquire ammo is a real pain. The crew is dead and I want to put the vehicle back into action somehow, whether as a gun platform, ammo repository or a taxi!

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There are two reasons for the inability to mount certain heavy weapons vehicles. Specifically vehicles which have large crew mounted weapons which can also be used dismounted. These are generally found in Heavy Weapons Platoon type units where light trucks are the default weapons platform. The reasons for this are:

1. The weapon on the vehicle is considered, by the code, to be a crew served weapon. It puts the vehicle into the same class as a Challenger 2, Scimitar, etc. as far as the code is concerned. Because of that it is just as "specialized" as those other vehicles, even though logically speaking the WIMK is off limits to anybody else other than its crew.

2. The code is a bloody hack ;) Part of this hack is that the vehicle is as described above *but* can be crewed by a unit with a specific heavy weapon of the same type. When the crew dismounts the weapon's graphics on the vehicle is hidden from view. From the code's perspective, however, the weapon is still there. It would screw the code up immensely if the crew dismounted with its weapon and some other unit mounted the vehicle. Which is why it's not allowed, no matter what might be possible in real life.

The alternative is to have dedicated vehicle mounted heavy weapons with no ability to dismount, then offer up a separate dismounted version in the Editor that can never be mounted. That's the way it was until v1.20. So as imperfect as this feature is, me thinks it is better than the previous imperfect feature ;)


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Hcrof: I am assuming your Scimitar crew "acquired" the GMG during "buddy-aid"...yes?

If that is the case then my expectation would be they should be able to use any weapon they are capable of acquiring. Please confirm.

Otherwise a normal GMG crew is able to dismount (use Bail out!) move and deploy/ fire weapon. It will not setup and fire inside a building but can on a roof. I've checked to confirm this with a test scen and played as PBEM...just in case.

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Yep, the GMG crew was killed and I used a spare scimitar crew to pick up the GMG using buddy aid.

They can't use it - they won't deploy it after several attempt on the rooftop and open ground.

I am having no problems with my dismounted GMG crews. Thanks for looking into it, I have savegames if you want one.

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