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New ATi 2600 HD card problems

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Just bought a new dell computer with the ATi 2600 HD card and having problems starting any CM game. It either shows the white screeen boxes ( got the fix for that it works) or locks up, goes to a black screen and then the monitor switches off. Does this for all CM games. When it does work the number keypad does not work by increasing sight elevation but moves the view around on one level like a mouse.

Had an ATi 9700 PRO before and that worked fine after some initial problems. Got the BF list of fixes but none of them seem to work. Have upgraded CATALYST CENTRE to 7.12 which has made things worse but CMSF only works with that and .NET 2.0. If it comes to it I would much rather play CMBB.

Any ideas out there from the boffins?

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If all you did was replace the video card, did you delete the preferences file in the game directory? It could be that the system is trying to load the game in a mode your old card/monitor combination supported but the new one does not...

If you rename the preferences file to *.old and reload the game, it should cause the system to enumerate the modes it's capable of displaying, and this may fix your problem.

Good luck!

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I have an Ati HD3850 pro (just out) and xp, and i suffered from the same problem.

I thought “Ok troubleshooting page”

Applied the relevant fixes………..no good

Added 98, Me compat to the exe file no good.

Put the game back to original state, minimized and then full screen……….game crashes and no alt/ctrl/del or alt tab will exit.

“Computer recovered from a serious error” was my welcome message on restart.

ARGH!!!!!! I haven’t seen that for ages.

Oh well back to the old drawing board then

Looks like a "No sale for me then!"


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No this is a brand new computer from Dell, so the issue is with the card itself. It will only run on Dell drivers (v1.21) and continues to show the dreaded white boxes. I can remove these using the work around but it still looks naff and the black boxes around everything make it hard to see what is going on. Tried cersie boxes as this is supposed to be the transparent colour but they show up as pink.

Any ideas?

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I have a new PC with ATI Crossfire 3870s using ATI 7.12 drivers (fog enabled, yea) and it does the same thing.

On the other hand CMBO, CMBB and CMAK play okay on my second PC with an ATI 1900 XT using ATI 7.12 drivers. But, they really play GREAT on my older PC with the ATI X800 XT using the same ATI 7.12 drivers.

As a result, I can only conclude that it is a hardware issue since all the PCs are using the same ATI 7.12 drivers and all three game's FPS keep dropping, the newer the ATI card.

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Great to know. IN fact ATI have just released an new driver 8.1. IN my case having a Dell computer neither ATI driver works at all on the system - it becomes very unstable and does a lot of weird things. So I have stuck with the older more stable Dell driver.

It worked very well with my old computer ATI 9700 PRO complete with wonderful fog. The new card does not do fog at all well, it is very stripey and the stripes are slightly different colours. So when you move around it is a very odd effect.

The main reason for changing machines was to get get more RAM so that I could play larger games at a greater speed.

Oh well.

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The newer cards only seem to work with the newer versions of DirerctX. How about running it on a virtual PC - would that make a difference do you think?

The patch for solving the white box problem does not really work. It obscures more than the old version and when you come to save your games you cannot see the text because it is just a series of black lines.

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The virtual pc might be worth a shot.

However, Matt from tech support just got back to me regarding my problem with my new HD3850 pro and said that there is a good chance that it's down to the newness of my card.

With an HD2600 i guess that there is a good chance that you are in the same cesspit as me.

Good luck

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