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Interface question

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Alright this is what I'm talking about (the area I put the red square+arrow around):


Does that unit have an RPG or not?

Yes she does have an RPG. The "inventory" window shows an RPG and some rockets. Apparently, your RPG carrier switched to his sidearm (Makarov pistol, but it will appear like an AK in the game :D).

It is not clear in your screenshot, but how close is your team from the enemy?

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The weapons silhou to the left shows what is currently in the firer's hand. You see this most often when a U.S. soldier suddenly switches from his carbine to AT-4 then back again. For some reason your RPG specialist felt the need to draw his pistol. An odd choice considering he has anti-personnel RPG rounds available. Perhaps the thread is inside of the RPG's minimum arming distance?

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