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Trojan inside CSMF Paradox version

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Hi everybody,

I'd like to signal a problem with the Paradox version of CMSF. It seems there is a trojan named TR/Downloader.Gen trojan inside the CMShock force.exe. First I thought it was something slipped from somewhere else so I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled but it seems the thing it is inside the dvd. Same problem with the Paradox patches in the same file.

In order to doublecheck I downloaded the BTF version of the 1.20 patch, unzipped and checked with the antivirus. No problem at all. So it seems this is definitely a Paradox problem.

Now, personnally I don't mind too much about this. I can dump the paradox version and buy the BTF one, probably when it is released the NATO module;), but I feel that, among some players, this could be a serious blow to BTF reputation even if it is Paradox fault!

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This is most likely a false positive. Some anti-virus programs set to run Heuristic scans (i.e. looking for something that remotely looks like a virus rather than an actual virus definition) may do that from time to time. It happens with eLicense protected files occasionally, and I guess that whatever DRM Paradox is using, it's now happening there, too. You can usually email your AV program support and notify them of it, they should be able to correct it with the next round of definitions, and/or disable Heuristics scanning and/or create an exception in your AV program for the files it's mis-reporting.

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I'm the proud owner of a Paradox version as well. Initially when I first installed it my anti-virus program flagged it as a possible threat as well. I didn't hesitate to tell it to ignore it, but I've since learned a valuable lesson from it. Quite a few game installation guides will instruct the player to disable their anti-virus when installing their titles. Had I done so, it might never have been an issue to begin with.

Regardless, I've had no known issues since then, and I've uninstalled/reinstalled the title several times. I hope this placates your concerns even further.

And enjoy the game!:)

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