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Range of units...

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It seems that the map of GC is the same in size as the map of the global campaign supplied with the latest patch fore SC2.

The range of the units in that campaign - SC "World" where shorter than in WaW aand PDE.

Is the range of the units in GC shorter than in WAW and PDE?

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Hi Calculon,

The scale is similar but we really are looking at a new map as it has been re-oriented, for example the map edges are now through the center of the US, and we have extensively adjusted in layout in terms of terrain and resources as well as added in rail and roads and so on.

There are some range adjustments which would make some unit movements shorter than in WaW and PDE but not all, i.e. naval units remain the same etc.

That being said, there are plenty of other functional adjustments as well and we should have an update on some of the additional features that will be available since the original announcement was made... hopefully soon enough as we are still working/finalizing them.

Hope this helps,


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