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Out of licenses

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I just decided to fire up SC2 for the first time in a couple of years but when I went to install it I was told my number of licenses has run out.

I checked the FAQ and it looks like you have to unauthorize your licenses from previous installs.

Unfortunately, I tend to wipe out my HD and reinstall Windblows all the time and I don't bother to uninstall all the games first.

So am I screwed now or is there a way to have my license reset?

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Yes it does.

Note however that uninstalling and unlicensing are two different things. You can do one without the other.

Usually, when you hit "uninstall", you will be prompted to unlicense as well, but you do not have to. If you don't, then later, should you reinstall the game, you will not be asked to relicense it, it will be running right away as the license is still "remembered". H

However, it's unlikely you'd want that. What is more likely is the other way around: you want to unlicense the game but keep it installed. That's perfectly ok and within what the EULA allows. Some people who travel a lot use this to have our games installed on 3 or more PCs, and they only have to relicense what they need (two per key max), which is much quicker than uninstalling and reinstalling (unlicensing takes only one second, it's really just one click if you're online).

How to unlicense, and pretty much anything else you'd ever want to know about eLicense is described in our Knowledge Base at www.battlefront.com/helpdesk.

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