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The testmap "Bonsai General" has been uploaded.

Take a look at it as there are screenshots for the real game are included.

It was very late when i uploaded it and i thought i had not worked correctly,

so i uploaded it twice.

dear admin,

the first file and announcement can be deleted, sorry.

SENGOKU DAIMYO (Feudal Japan) MOD is the new name and i will post all news here.

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The term is used for a clan leader usually, but here it stands for generals or possible clan leaders too. Represented through HQ, but with an acceptable defense value stimulating the elite guard of the daimyo.

Daisho Samurai :

Used for officers(Samurai Daisho), daisho means the wearing of katana and wakizashi too. Represented through corps here, they are good for infantry fights.

Yari Samurai :

Yari means Spear, they were up to 7 meters. Represented through army, they are best cavalry defenders with solid infantry fighting abilities.

Yamabuchi :

Warrior Monks using kind of naginata(Swordspear). Represented through commando, which allows them to transport without harbour. Think of it, who would deny a group of harmless monks their wish to lend some fishing boats, especially if they have long and sharp weapons. Best infantry attack, solid defense.

Naginata :

Heavy armoured infantry equipped with naginatas. Represented

through engineers, allowing them to build fortresses. Slow attacker good defeners.

Battlefield Ninjas :

No historical background, but fit perfect for paratroopers.

Appearing somewhere, with medium attack and defense values.

Yari Ashigaru :

Ashigaru means footsoldier, but often used for peasants too.

Represented through anti tank, means their cavalry a/d can be upgraded.

Shinobi :

Hidden fighters or ninjas. Represented through anti air, so they will act as counterspys or guards.

Yumi Samurai :

Yumi means the samurai long bow, or just bow. Represented through artillery, so they support defense.

Teppo Ashigaru :

Teppo means harquebus, first firearms came to Japan in the mid of the 16th century through european traders. Oda Nobunaga was the first Daimyo with a manufactoring facility for those. Represented through rockets, which sometimes causes strategic loses. Gunpowder was also used for small bombs, thrown at the enemies position.

Cavalry :

Cavalry had not been such a great part of an army as thought for long. The Takeda Clan was the exception with about 30% Cavalry. Represented through tanks cavalry is very mobile and crushing.

Ninja Spy :

Information was and is vital for all, risking a war. Represented through Fighters, they are attackers and interceptors as well, but major task is recon, the only unit with a high spotting range value.

Ninja Assassin :

Take out the important ones is an effective way of fighting. Represented through Tactical Bombers, they do harm from far away.

Ninja Saboteur :

Burn down supply facilities... is a good way to weaken the enemy. Represented through Bombers, they have the best strategic attack value.

Junk :

Ships without cannons, but with ballistalike projectiles and a landing party on board. Represented through Battleships, they are the only naval units in, with a small strategic attack value(Blockadeing harbours, sinking or capturing fishing boats).

Ronin :

Ronin usually means Samurai without a master. Represented through Partisans, they function as Rebels or from start as hired samurai.

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  • 1 month later...

Had a lot of other things to be done, but now I´m back at it.

- Added 2 more Clans(Saito and Imagawa) for balancing

- Wrote many event scripts and basic ai scripts

- Worked on the balancing (unit setup, income, possible enemies...,

ronin appearance(partisans),...)


Map 100%

Graphics 100%

Sound 100%

Setup and Balance 60%

Research 100%

Unit stats 100%

Country Boni 100%

GameScripts 60%

AIScripts 10%

Customized Interface 90%

Game testing 40%

Comments are welcome!:)

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  • 4 weeks later...

I found a nice way to boost the AI and to avoid Ronin(partisan) for the AI by simply annexing conquered clan territory. I wrote many new scripts, most for the AI and made some corrections on the existing ones.

A few words about my motivation:

I really enjoyed playing the good old SHOGUN(Samurai Swords) board game and of course Shogun TW and as I played SC and SC2 so many hours, I once decided to try to catch the spirit of these games by doing my first mod. It was very hard in the begining, cause I never used a graphicprogramm so seriously before. The work on it started about a year ago(really!) and I worked slowly, but step by step forward. Starting from scratch didn´t make it easier, but now I finally managed to reach the final stage of my work. If i had known how much hours it would take to achieve this state, I propably never had done it at all, but now I think it´s good, cause I had learned a lot. Maybe I had made the map bigger, cause it wouldn´t had meant much more work, but had provided a greater game depth. Although even Shikoku - the smallest major island of my japanmap - is a bit bigger than germany in the normal SC2WAW campaign, range units still seem not to fit the scale exactly.

My goals were set very high and maybe I can´t reach them, but nevertheless

I think you guys(maybe girls too) will like it. Correct me if I´m wrong, but I think this is the first serious attempt for a SC2mod to simulate a totally different period than WW2. At last I have to say, even if you don´t like it, I´m damn proud of my project and I hope after all the playtesting I still enjoy to just play it. I hope to get it ready within 2009, but no promise. The overall

status is at 90% or maybe 95%. For 2 Players its ready(only about 1 or 2 hours of work for me), but I think it´s sometimes difficult to find an opponent, so I go on working on a - at least - playable AI.


Map 100%

Graphics 100%

Sound 100%

Setup and Balance 100%

Research 100%

Unit stats 100%

Country Boni 100%

GameScripts 95%

AIScripts 40%

Customized Interface 95%

Game testing 50%

Again: Comments are welcome!:) It would be nice to hear someone`s opinion about it.

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Again, thank you very much for the comment Hubert:D. It´s very motivating for me. I´m eagerly looking forward to finish my mod.

A bit off topic, but is it true, that there will be no SC3 and Global Confilict is the last addition in the series?:( I read it in a post and it would be very sad to have no further games for the best stratagie game ever. As there is so much potential here and I´m full of ideas for the engine and for historical mods (medieval maybe crusades, punic wars,roman empire, alexander, napoleonic, 100years war, 30years war, 7years war...) and I think maybe it is the future for Strategic Command to integrate such themes.

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hey this is sweet, i dont play any SC game at all but this looks fun. but i have a question there, why you make a difference between samurai armed with a spear and the others armed with swords?

i mean you seem to have a verry good idea what you are doing here but as far as i understood the useage of samurai is that they where mounted for the most part, and when mounted used the spear as primary weapon, next to that the bow.

the sword cult we know through movies wich is responsible for all this awfull myths around katanas we have today, didnt really started befor verry late 16XX to early 17XX.

also a unit, like the yari samurai unit isnt composed of a bunch of samurais. i mean its "a" samurai leader and the rest are peasents. why you call it "samurai"?

also when is this playing actually? in japanese history i am realy realy bad so forgive me if i mix some stuff up. is the game set in the "time of trouble" or what it was called where all clans fought and betrayed each other and ultimately ending with tokugawa as the big winner some time(no idea how long) befor the meiji period began?

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Thanks pandur,

My mod is playable from 1565-1582, when the Oda clan under Nobunaga began to dominate the mid of Honshu until the death of Oda Nobunaga.

it´s true of course that everyone in the army weared a sword even the drummers and that there were no banners equipped only with one type of weapon, but this is simply to have different troop types in the game.

Mounted were in this time only the Daisho´s (seargant´s), messengers and of course the high ranked; 10% or less normally(except Takeda´s).

Their first choice of weapon was the bow(yumi).

It is just the time when katana´s came popular, combined with the smaller wakhizashi.

It is time when armies tend to became very big and more and more peaseants were integrated, but there had been pure samurai banners, too.

I hope I could answer your questions, i´m not an expert only a bit interested.

I recommend you check for further informations:


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oh ok thats a little earlier then i thought.

it´s true of course that everyone in the army weared a sword even the drummers...

ah, i didnt knew that one. after all, swords are highly complicated to produce and so verry expensive. i thought only the rich, the privileged would have a katana+wakhizashi, especially in japan where the sword was a highly dedicated tool to cut up peasents(peasent where no allowed to have swords as far i i thought) while the peasents useing the usual ceap peasent weapons like naginatas, spears, hayforks, and this clubs mounted on a stick to beat grain and stuff like that.

also katanas seem to become popular about 100 years earlier then i thought, probably they had troubles figureing out how to make it work befor that :D

thanks for the answers.

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Hello everyone,

its nearly done. Expect version 1.0 within the next days. Unfortunatly the AI will only be playable not challenging, but this will be done within the next versions.


Map 100%

Graphics 100%

Sound 100%

Setup and Balance 100%

Research 100%

Unit stats 100%

Country Boni 100%

GameScripts 100%

AIScripts 85%

Customized Interface 100%

Game testing 90%

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