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I completely agree with everything you posted. I've also owned all of the SC series, CEAW and ToW along with the free sequel. I've come to the conclusion that SC outshines them all.

For sheer realism and depth, probably nothing compares to War in the Pacific but that's a completely different animal and it literally takes almost as long as the real war to finish a game!

SC2 has the best AI, the most intuitive gameplay, the best interface and is the most modable. Its also the only series that fully models the ETO, the PTO and now even the entire war. All of the others are ETO or PTO only.

And most importantly to me, its the game that always makes me want to play 'just one more turn' before I go to bed. In the end, this trumps all else.

GC is the edition I've always been waiting for. Even though the full world campaign in SC2 is quite good, the improvements being made for this are going to make it the best one yet, IMO.

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Hello virtual soldiers! Here is masterclaude on his way to the fridge between my routed Russians in a game and my staled Germans in another game. There are some days like that... at least I am not out of supply, still got some chili con carne left. Sir Sea Monkey, as I am re-reading this thread I have just realized you talked about ToW – Time of Wrath- not Toaw operationnal art of warfare. You sure thought I was a bit lost with my comment above!

I guess a Global thread isn’t the right place for a deeper analyzis of other wargames so, in short, I felt ToW designers ( look at a July Armchairs article from them) fell into about every traps dreamers like me encounter years ago when we tried to make a fully comprehensive historical strategic WW2 game. Combining land-air-sea arms interactions without much abstraction compromise at a scale lower than Corps , fleet TF or Air Armies involves bigger maps ( 20-30 km scale) so units density and move radius can be consistent with a time-span of say 10 days , allowing for real tactical manoeuvers but , no magic here, this has a playability cost way tooo high! If you top that with a research, diplomatic or economic phase, say farewell to your life! Let’s find a remote monastery , plug our computers and play until we die. Not exactly my plans! I feel sorry for the guys at Wasteland. They really worked hard to deliver ToW ( Land units OBB and rating are surprisingly accurate, not a marginal achievement . It needs a lot of technical and historical references to be able to compare adequatly a 39 polish cavalry division, a british BEF motorized division , a light panzer division and so on all through the war with innovations and internal T&E structural changes) but they must understand: instead of adding stuff ( like their unusual naval system) they should preserve their good land model and clean up the interface. Fury avoided theses pitfalls and while one may criticize SC2 oversimplified mechanisms, the game delivers just what we look for: fun with a strategic wargame.

Is wargaming all about fun? Then SC1 would better as it was very addictive! Well, playing games is bit like going to a theater for some action movies. If heroes start to fly or use any other special powers, it may be just fine for a Sci-fi story but if you watch a WW2 movie, gee! What a joke! You may not enjoy it as you may not enjoy a 2 hours reality show presenting in real time a bunch of soldiers stuck in a trench somewhere around Kaboul. You need a scenario, you need suspense, you need identification to a character and a credible lifelike world where blowing up the Kwai river bridge means there is an actual bridge, an actual commando and obstacles to their mission. Picture that: our heroes shoot down the bridge garrison with their super bow and super arrows then cut a single rope with their super knive at one end. Goodbye bridge! A british flag appears in the background and our heroes congratrulate themselves! Rather bad war movie, in my opinion! I prefer the original even if the original one is not fully historical or realistic with its vintage flavor. So there is a balance to be preserved in a wargame. Realism is also part of fun and SC2 is going in the right direction with Global.

By the way, Sir Nupremal, I would be delighted to have a closer look at your mod but I don’t have PTO. I bought all the sequels up to PDE but they are many other games out there and as I said, we have only one life and few free evenings. Since I expected Global I chose to skip the PTO episode but I hope you are prepared to convert your World mod to Global. Friends or foe, I send everyone me best regards!

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