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A few UI suggestions


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My #1 top UI issue is not being able to cancel individual waypoints. Please please put in a backspace (in combat mission terms) option where you can delete the last waypoint only. If a unit is moving and you add an extra waypoint in the wrong place, you have to cancel even the orders that are in progress. ditto if you plot a complex track and the last waypoint sucks, you have to delete the whole lot.

#2 The mouse scroll wheel "button" panning and zooming doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, and although it is pretty easy to get the hang of, it isn't very intuitive.

#3 Also how about some HOTKEYS!! Many of us will be used to a civilisation style hotkey system, but at the very least I'd like to see hotkeys for:

Clear orders

Repeat Orders

Submit turn

In summary:

Add to the user manual the basics of scrolling

Add a zoom in option. Maybe have three or four zoom levels in total.

Make the scroll wheel up/down control the zoom in/out as is an established standard control scheme.

Add an option to delete the last waypoint.

Add hotkeys.

Add an option to reverse the map pan to be a "grab" option instead of a "scroll window" option. Basically invert the pan control.

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