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Balanced times for North Africa

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I think anything in 1943 should fit your bill. Early, the Brits do not have HE rounds which is a serious problem. In 1941, there is the Matilda problem which is unkillable by PzIIIs.

Tigers are really not that much of a problem, the 6 pdr or the M-10 can kill them easily enough. Or fire away at them with small calibre guns until Tiger gets gun damage. If its mine, that is usually within 1 turn.

The Tiger is also vulnerable from the side or rear to lesser tanks, at close range even a Stuart can kill it with a side shot.

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Long barrelled PzIII's can kill Matildas - rather the same method as mobbing Tigers. In the final month of NA a platoon of Tigers vets costs 1171 points. Veteran platoons of Churchill's or M10s are around the 480 mark so going for Tigers would seem high risk. Some of the Churchill's will probably have some tungsten : )

Tigers may in theory die to the Allied tanks but its not a foregone conclusion as the smaller rounds do not necessarily kill a Tiger straight off and if they are in pairs you may never get to fire the killing shot. : )

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