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CMAK 1.03 XP problem: text box white-outs as wel! Aarrgghh!


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Re my problem with 'white-outs' in under Vista, I dug-out my XP box and reinstalled CMAK on that expecting all to be fine.

Oh no! Exactly the same white-out problems - the background of each text box is white (not good when the text is also white or pale yellow!). This is the very PC I used to play CMAK on (although I MIGHT have upgraded the video card) it is a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 2600 AGP card.

The graphics problems aren't EXACTLY the same on this box some of the scenario titles SOMETIMES can't be seen (although they take up a line, and the force icons show on the right hand side) and sometimes they can be seen; the INITIAL command briefing can't be seen (although it can be read if accessed in game) and so on and so forth, but the broad problem is still the same ... 'white-outs'.

Is it a coincidence that BOTH cards are Radeons? Perhaps not :)

In that case hopefully there will be a well-known fix someone can help me with ....

I hope so .....

Thanks very much in advance!

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Two problems;

(1) did you install the ATI "white out" solution ??? http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=82561

(2) When you come to the scenario screen, "Alt-Tab" (or press the Windows key next to Alt) to drop you to desktop and then click the game in your toolbar to come back into the game and you should see the scenarios now. I have the same problem with all my ATI cards ever since the ATI 1900.

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Panama Red: thank you SO much for pointing me to the files - and for patiently replying to each of my three posts! I see you have given this help to many others too.

It's still a little flakey on my XP box (with the HD 2600) but it's probably overclocked as far as it will go too. Seems to be steady on my Vista box.

I'm a little surprised that there isn't a mention of this on the Battlefront "patch" web-page or in the readme.txt files for - e.g. especially the Vista patch and for all newly downloaded versions ... it would make al our lives easier if it were!

Once again, thanks for your help

Oh! Maybe there should be a stickie in the forum about this problem!

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