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A few customization and pathfinding questions


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Well I just got Marines and let me say I'm very impressed with the drastic improvements in 1.20 since 1.5/1.8 SF when I last played a year ago.

The game is MUCH easier to play and pathfinding has improved immensely.

However, there are still some issues that bug me.

1) Is there any way to change what hotkeys are assigned to what? This has been really bothering me that say the "J" key is assigned to both Slow AND clear target, meaning depending on which command bar I'm "under" I can't issue a quick one button command, I have to use the spacebar.

2) Is there no way to make it so that when units are ordered as a group to do something that they MAINTAIN FORMATION the entire way there? This would be an INVALUABLE command. Perhaps two seperate commands, one where it's a general "everyone get here as fast as possible through whatever means" and another where the entire group stays together for the duration.

Time and time again I have vehicles I want to move in a group facing slightly different directions, and since some vehicles need to rotate before moving, if I order them in a group a bottleneck will inevitably happen. Using the pause command is of course an option but not the best one. This was a serious issue IMO in CMx1 too. Ideally, using this "maintain formation and move" command, the vehicles would ALL align the right direction, THEN move, and if a vehicle came under fire and stopped to return fire the ENTIRE GROUP would stop and with it.

Anyone else long for this option as much as me?

3) Lastly, and not quite as big an issue, but is there any way to move waypoints around like in CMx1? (where you would right click and could quickly move the waypoint without having to re-issue an entire set of orders). What about the "Halt" command, is this still not in?

That said overall great work BFC! I look forward to taking this to the multiplayer realm once I'm done with the campaign.

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1) Other Means' alternative hotkeys have been stickied for a reason. Pretty much the old CM control scheme we knew and loved. You can manually change them yourself, too. Just edit the hotkeys.txt located in the DATA directory.

2) Meh, I always get quite a lot of satisfaction out of crafting orders in such a fashion that you get things exactly right. Besides, I think such a 'formation move' order will in practise fail to provide much benefit, while getting the right response when such a 'formation move' hits difficult terrain like woods would be a formidable job.

3)Sadly, no. And much missed it is, by me at least.

Actually, I do think this is a biggie. Especially the long moves that needed finetuning towards the end really made it a very convenient feature.

What do you mean with a halt command?

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By a halt command I mean a command (like in CMx1) that just clears all movement orders immediately without needing to backspace several times.

Does BFC plan on allowing you to move your waypoints in the future? Very useful feature IMO that I'm missing. I think it's actually even more critical in real time play than in wego.

Finally, is there any way to blow holes in the sides of buildings/walls in urban combat with infantry squads? I tried just telling them to area attack but that didn't seem to work...

I just find it very irritating when moving a group of humvees or what have you that one will go just a little bit too slow and cause the one behind it to pause for 3 seconds, which will cause the one behind it to pause behind it for 3 seconds, which will cause .... you get the idea.

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Ah, that type of halt. Yarp. It's the second button on the left above the UI buttons panel. A solid dark circle if I recall.

BFC are aware of the desirability of the moveable waypoints. But if I recall correctly, there was some difficulty with implementation, so there's no telling if and when it might return.

Blowing holes in walls can be done by those troops with demo charges, using the Blast command. Just get your troops near the wall you want gone, use the Blast movement command with the destination being the other side of the wall. Your troops will blow a hole and walk through. And as an upside, anyone in that room should be thoroughly suppressed and in no fit state to fight back.

Of course, direct gunfire can achieve good results too.

Regularly equipped infantry can in theory knock a hole in a wall too, if they've got enough rockets and 40mm grenades to do so. Not practical though. It requires such expenditure of firepower that you could just as easily area fire for a fraction of the time and walk in unhindered through the front door.

Ah, that kind of movement order. More a Convoy/Follow order type. Yeah, that wouldn't be a bad addition at all, I agree. With the return to Normandy players will more then likely need to stick to roads a lot more then they do in Syria. And boy moving a truck convoy across half a map of zigzagging roads sure got on my tits, even though vehicles are much better behaved then they were in CMx1.

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In the upper left corner of your orders box there are 3 stop sign like things. Those are your halt and pause buttons. The squad needs to be equipped with demo charges, you would then use the blast command to knock down a wall and move through it. I believe if your men are close they can also use hand grenades to knock it down, although i've never done it.

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A squad armed with an AT4 or an M72 (British infantry have their own equivalents) can blow a hole in a wall. From 60-70 meters away (outside handgrenade range), Target the base of the wall at the spot where you want to blow a hole. Sure the squad will open up with everything they have (including rifle grenade) and will give away their position (not that sound contacts are modeled per se), and they may well use up a sixth of small-arms ammo before they think to fire an ATM, and when they fire off the AT4 or M72 it might still not blow a hole in the wall, but it's better than not making a hole at all, and it's better than using up one's precious few handgrenades and possibly fragging one of your own men.

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