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mobile T-55 (1970)

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It seems that the worst mobile tank you can get for the Red Force is the T-55 (1974). The T-54B and the T-55 (1970) are only static (immobilized) tank batteries.

I don't know how difficult it would be to code the movement of the T-54B and T55 (1970)s, but since the v1.20 patch you can set the start status of all the vehicles to OK, immobilized, destroyed or burning. However, if you set the status of the T-54B and T-55 (1970)s to OK, they still appear immobilized. If you set these vehicle status to immobilized, there is a bold red X in the damage report of their tracks instead of the bold green + when the vehicle status is set to OK (but they still can't move, as there is a message saying Immobilized and a yellow base under them when you select them).

I agree with you that, eventhough the Syrians probably aren't using any mobile T-54B or T-55 (1970), it would be great to have them available for their use in any Third World country made scenario. :)

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It seems that the worst mobile tank you can get for the Red Force is the T-55 (1974). ...

T-54B, T-55 and T-62 is practically the same tank.

T-54B: more or less the soviet WW2 tank of dreams (T-34 brought to perfection with gyro-stabilized 100mm Gun)

T-55: NBC-proof T-54B

T-62: upgraded T-55 for fitting a 115mm Gun.

T-55 (1974) and T-62 (1975) have a new fire control system with laser range finder (!). With them tanks start to get "science-fiction"-stuff (post WW2-technology).

The 'worst' mobile tank for Red is T-62 (1972).

It 'only' has a gyro-stabilized 115mm Gun. It is basically a 'classic' T-55 with 115mm (but also improved FCS).

So it's the only mobile "still almost like WW2" tank in the game.

But there is no equal opponent to battle against. And that is the reason I ask for at least a mobile T-55 (1970) - so that we can have 'only gyrostab/no LRF' tank battles.

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CMSF Tanks Capability Quick List v2.5

(by Smaragdadler, credits to Damian90 for help)

All type designations are CMSF-specific and may or may not differ from real-world one.

The tanks are ordered as classes and tech-level .

Tech-level follows decades and goes up with time.

Comparison of tanks (worse/better) from different classes should only made in same tech-level.

The rating of a tank as 'good/bad' makes only sense against members of his own class.

Classes from low to high are:

Special: tactical usage diverts from original intended use

Reserve: second hand Red stuff, only strong against UnCon-OPFOR without tanks

Regular: standard Red stuff: mostly good against Reserve stuff - bad agains all others

Guard: best Red stuff, only strong against OPFOR without western tanks

U.S.Army: blue anti-tank force (Javelins)

USMC: blue attack force (MGLs, over-size squads)

U.K.: blue urban/special force (on-board mortars, IED-Jammers)

There are also different tech-types:

lateWW2like: original design was made late in WW2, limited to precise but weak 100mm-TankGun/rifled

ColdWar: Cold War design, above 100mm smoothbore TankGuns possible (good for ATGM)

postColdWar: advancement comes through micro technological production capabilities (digital instead analog FCS etc.)

Modern: computer software/hardware capabilities of FCS decide overall fighting-capabability

Postmodern : on-line net-work capabilities and specialization through task-specific upgrade packages/ close defense very important

All Tanks get general usage descriptions:

bunker -> special usage not original intended for

MBT -> classic "Main Battle Tank", intended for flexible front-line usage against equivalent opponents

ATGM-MBT -> "Anti-Tank-Guided-Missile Main Battle Tank", intended for longe range front-line usage against strong opponents

(night)hunter -> Blue: 120mm(rifled) long range sniper; Red: long range passive NV capabilities

(semi)-HK -> "(semi)-hunter-killer": commander can independently check for targets and override gunner, but can not shot for his own

HK ->"hunter-killer": commander can independently check for targets and override gunner and can shot for his own


+1950's Tech+

T-54B (immobile):standard Special (static lateWW2like) -> N-protected 100mm/gyrostab 360°AT-bunker

T-55-1970 (immobile): good Special (static lateWW2like) -> NBC-protected (upgraded)100mm/gyrostab 360°AT-bunker


+1960's Tech+

T-55-1970 : worst Reserve (very strong lateWW2like) -> (upgraded)100mm/gyrostab MBT -> ***seems intended, but missing in game***

T-62-1972 : rare bad Reserve (very weak ColdWar) -> 115mm/gyrostab MBT


+1970's Tech+

T-55-1974 : standard Reserve (über lateWW2like) -> (upgraded)100mm/LRF MBT

T-62-1975 : rare up-standard Reserve (weak ColdWar) -> 115mm/LRF MBT

T-72M(Early) : good Reserve (sub-average ColdWar) -> 125mm/LRF MBT

T-72M : worst Regular (average ColdWar) -> 125mm/LRF MBT

T-72M1 : very good extremely rare Reserve (up-average ColdWar) -> 125mm/LRF MBT


+1980's Tech+

T-62M : best Reserve (strong ColdWar) -> 115mm/LRF ATGM-MBT with AT-12

T-55MV : standard Regular (ultra lateWW2like) -> (upgraded)100mm/LRF ATGM-MBT with AT-10

T-62MV : best Regular (very strong ColdWar) -> 115mm/LRF ATGM-MBT with AT-12

T-72M1V : über Reserve (exellent ColdWar) -> 125mm/LRF MBT


+1990's Tech+

T-72M1V (2001) : standard Guard (very weak PostColdWar) -> (upgraded)125mm/LRF GPS ATGM-MBT night-hunter with AT-11(tandem)

M1A1(HC) Abrams : worst U.S.Army (strong PostColdWar) -> day/night(semi)-HK



M1A1(HC) Abrams(USMC) : standard USMC (very strong Modern) -> day/night(semi)-HK with EO-Jammer

T-72M1V TURMS-T: very good Guard (very weak Modern) -> GPS ATGM-MBT day/night(semi)-HK with AT-11(tandem)

T-90SA : über Guard (weak Modern) -> ATGM-MBT day (semi)-HK/night-hunter with AT-11(tandem) + pseudo EO-Jammer

M1A2 Abrams : standard U.S.Army (exellent Modern) -> day/night HK

M1A1(HC) SA Abrams : good U.S.Army (weak Postmodern) SatLink day/night (semi)-HK

M1A1(HC) FEP Abrams : good USMC (sub-average Postmodern) GPS day/night (semi)-HK with EO-Jammer

M1A2 SEP Abrams : exellent U.S.Army (average Postmodern) SatLink day/night HK

Challenger 2 (Telic) : sub-standard U.K. (up-average Postmodern) SatLink hunter day HK/night(semi)-HK <- ***?***

Challenger 2 (Enhanced): standard U.K. (good Postmodern) Urban SatLink hunter day HK/night(semi)-HK <- ***?***

M1A2 SEP TUSK Abrams : best U.S.Army (very good Postmodern) Urban SatLink day/night HK


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Sorry, my fault. You are right, Smaragdadler: so the T-62 (1972) is the "worst" mobile tank you can find on the game. I didn't notice that KTD-2 laser range finder in the T-55 (1974). Nonetheless, thumbs up for your idea of having mobile versions of the T-54B and T-55 (1970)s available in the game. ;)

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T-54B should be made as for UnCons only.

It should be a real gamble to drive the vehicle off-road.

There should always be a lurking danger of instantaneous cook-off out off no where.

+ extra Bonus: special UnCon T-54B VBIED. Model should have gun removed.

...and 'normal' UnCon T-54B should also have his own skins, so that there is the possibility for 'tiny, poor, old' T-54B -mods.


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