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Quick freezes

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I'm experiencing very brief stopage during all aspects of the game. From camera movements to issuing orders, etc. This has only started recently, I,ve had the game for well over a month. Ny system is a compaq- 866mhz, 128mb of ram, and a huge hard drive.

I'm playing from a burned back-up cd.

Thank you in advance,


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Have you installed any new software or drivers recently (or updated anti-virus signatures) ? Are any programs running in the background ? You may want to perform a Ctrl-Alt-Del and close down some apps that may be running (invisible) in the background or use a utility called End-It-All.

Have you made any changes to CMOS/BIOS or settings for DirectX/video driver ?

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Hello Schrullenhaft,

Yes I have installed a few new children's games. I won't know how to change any of the driver settings! How would I get

the "End-It-All" software?

Thank you for your reply, the customer service around here is top-notch!!

p.s. - what does cmos/bios stand for? and is it painfull.

Thanks again,


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I had to search to find End-It-All. Here's one location that came up (don't know how new of a version it is):

End It All (down towards the bottom of this page):


The CMOS/BIOS setup is a program built into the ROM of your computer (software semi-permanently installed into hardware). It's usually accessed before you boot into Windows; on a Compaq this usually done by pressing the F10 key when you seen the blinking white square in the upper right (?) corner when you turn it on (however this may not be the same sequence on the Presarios). From the sound of it you probably haven't changed anything - and to top it off Compaq doesn't usually offer many/any performance tweaks in the CMOS/BIOS setup.

I'm not sure what the children's games could have installed. Were they fairly new games or were they quite dated (usually indicated by copyright date on the box/documentation). It's possible that they installed newer or older versions of some files (DirectX for example) that may be affecting CM's performance.

The video driver settings are usually accessed from Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Display control panel > Settings tab > Advanced button > new tabs may appear at this point that may be specific to your video card's drivers. One tab may mention "DirectX" in its name and hence it could have some settings that could affect DirectX's performance and/or display quality. Another DirectX control panel to use is accessed from Start Menu > Run > c:\program files\directx\setup\dxdiag. The initial tab that comes up will have the DirectX version listed at the bottom, while the Display tab will have settings related to DirectX features for your video card (they won't be unique to your video card, but you can control some of DirectX's behavior here - and severly limit its performance for compatibility/stability reasons from these settings).

For the problem that you're encountering neither of the above mentioned control panels/applets are probably going to solve your problem. Most likely there is a program/applet running in the background that is affecting CM's performance or the children's software has installed some software (updated/back-dated) that is interfering with CM.

You may also want to check Compaq's website for any driver updated or customer feedback areas on any problems your particular model of Compaq is having with certain programs/hardware/drivers. CM will probably not be mentioned, but maybe the children's software will be.

[ 05-31-2001: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]

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I don't know if this is your problem Warhammer, but I get slowdowns and quick freezes due to system memory (ie RAM) being at a very low level. If this is the case, then the End-it-All program should help eliminate that problem. It does for me (assuming I use it. Sometimes I don't, especially if I'm just getting some PBEM games out of the way, and don't want to shut everything down).

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