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Serious problems!

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What changed between the time you could run CM and now ? Is this a videocard upgrade to your Radeon 9800XT or whatever ? How many watts does your power supply have and is it a brand name ? It's possible that once the videocard goes into a 3D game the electrical current draw is too high for the power supply to provide. However I'd assume that other things would happen (lockup or blue screen error) rather than just ATI's VPU feature kicking in.

I'd also suggest lowering your overclock on your videocard if your doing that. 3D is one of those areas that can push a videocard into failure if it is overclocked too high (whereas it may function fairly well in 2D).

What exactly did you do to your videocard to make it a 9800XT from a 9800Pro, flash the BIOS or something ?

If you're using the 4.5 Catalysts, you may want to uninstall them and install the 4.4's. I haven't tested either to see if there are problems, but it is one step you can take.

Regarding your other posting, the Rage3D Tweaker v. 3.9 should support your Radeon (it even supports the X800) according to the website.

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Can´t say it will help you, but there are new Catalyst 4.7 in the ATI webpage



Nor endorse them in any way,

if it works, I´m not in the mood of trying to fix anything.

Just discover it when Messenger doesn´t worked and freezed my computer.

My alternative fix: unloading Messenger.

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