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Input from anyone who's been shot at or over.


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I'm in a discussion at the RO:HOS forum about the decision to add a fire direction indicator for shots that pass by close to you.

The devs argue that you can tell the general direction a bullet came from as it passes by you, people on the forum disagree with the decsion.

Can anyone with first hand experience say which is more correct?

(We're just talking about information from the bullets themselves not the noise or flash from the gun).

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I've marked 7.62 target shoots - a crack as the bullet goes overhead (mostly due to my being in a pit, if you're in the open it's far less noticable) followed by the boom of the rifle 300-900 metres away. If you figure the bullet is aimed at you, drawing a line between it's impact (dust) and yourself and extending it back gives a direction - but I can't see you doing it by sound alone.

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How general a "general direction"?

I might believe a 120 to 180 degree arc as your senses may be able to "feel" the passage through the air. Of course if you were heavily suited up insulating you from the surroundings then that chance would be degraded/destroyed.

As to how close the bullet needs be to be sensed .... a metre?

Given with the benefit of all my knowledge on weaponry - nilish.

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Yeah they've got some new screenshots (it runs on UE3 so it has that same look as the other UE3 games).

Some alpha build vids are out aswell, it looks great except for the aforementioned hud aids and GUI.

Right now they're going to have 2 types of server realism: relaxed and full, there is a general opinion on the forums that all the hud aids (such as hit indicators and minimap) should be removed from the full servers (instead of just some like squad mate markers).

Another thing people are jumping on a little is they want FOV zoom when aiming, one of the devs who stated he was against it is now fore it though as it's was actaully more realistic (things are 2x bigger in real life than with normal FOV on a small screen.)

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