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A Way of Placing Markers/Symbols/Text on the map

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Hi all, yep, im fully engaged in playing British Forces, and I think all the combat mission titles respectively are the best wargames i have ever played. A lot of great suggestions for further improvements have already been posted here. However, I have a small one that I really miss in the game. If its already suggested or under consideration, forgive me :)

I miss the possibility of placing a marker/symbol or text on the map. If i locate an interesting location while i am planning my strategy and want to visualize it, it would be cool to be able to place fx some text there, like many of the scenario designers have done already.

Or it could be some enemy units spotted but then disappearing, and then it could be cool to simulate the information between units that "there is a possible enemy location there and there in our area" (just to illustrate what the actual real life analogy could be). And I wont have to scrool endlessly over the map time after time to locate the spot.

Dont know if Im making it all clear :)

Best regards,


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g'day Ole.

I know what you're getting at - many times I've wished for a markup pin to jam into the terrain.

However, I think this feature would detract from the game, in that it would exacerbate the problems of God spotting and make the game easier to play.

How is this a bad thing? Well, the idea of a game is to pit yourself against another player, human or AI, take part in a contest. Skills need to be learned and developed to enable the player to "get into" the game and it is this that makes up the greater part of the enjoyment of the game ('splody things, an expanding technical knowledge base and the imagined lamentation of the enemy's womenfolk make up most of the rest). To include the in-game labeling or marking of the terrain would take the need for some of this developed skill (memory or some sort of logic process) away and, in my opinion, lessen the value of the game.

Now, if you're talking about a *real* battleground management system, where intelligence is collated, evaluated and plotted - fer sure, markups are a wonderful tool. You see this being simulated with the CMSF's use of the marker icons, "?" etc.

By the way, it is possible to save a screenshot of movement orders (in WEGO) to keep as a reminder of plans - particularly useful when your PBEM opponent is reluctant to send a turn more often than twice a month or so - but it is far easier to do in CM1 because you can have ALL the movement orders showing; CM:SF only shows a platoon's movement orders. Maybe a tweak here for CM:Normandy?

my $0.02. Cheers.

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wesselholt - can't be done at present - and yes it would be a great feature. The only way you'll achieve this is by running an analogue map. I've lost count of the number of times I've spotted something and want to whack it and then the spotter loses 'eyes on' and then having to remember where it was. Best tip I can give you is screenshot the map and mark spotted units manually.

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