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I am downlded the cmsf v1.01a paradox v. and installed on my pc but i am runnug the

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As far as I'm aware, the Paradox version needs the CD/DVD installed in the drive for copy protection purposes (i.e. - it won't run without the CD/DVD in the drive).

I'm not sure how you "download" the Paradox version though. I assumed that it was only sold in retail and not made available as a download. The downloads would be GamersGate (?) or Battlefront (which uses eLicense as its copy protection scheme). There might be another download version, but I can't recall it at the moment. The download versions should have some sort of electronic/internet licensing scheme, but beyond eLicense, I'm not familiar with them.

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As Moon has pointed out (who, among his many responsibilities, is one of the official support staff for Battlefront) if you download the wrong patch, it will change the licensing/copy protection scheme that is required to run the game. That's because the updated executable supports a specific copy protection scheme and putting the wrong one in there makes CMSF look for a copy protection scheme that your original version doesn't support. In the case of Paradox, installing one of the other patches would make it suddenly look for some sort of eLicense or other copy protection/licensing files that aren't present. If you used one of the Paradox patches on a downloaded version of CMSF, then it will start looking for the presence of the CD/DVD in the drive in order to work (and it has to be the specific Paradox CD/DVD).

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