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From this thread, http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=88371

Actually, it's pretty close to what Normal Dude said. Unfortunately we had some overlapping time off scheduled and the patch didn't get done before flights departed, etc. We *thought* it was all complete, but there was a last minute snag with the installer and so we had to hold it up until one of our galavanting staff returns. The good news is that it should be out early next week.

Sorry about that!


Translation, somebody screwed up and all non-Brits owners pay for it! :eek:

Not that I really care anymore, my mod bundle came in the mail on Monday.

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The latest patch for the base CMSF Gamer's Gate version is 1.11. If you own the Marines module, then you can patch to 1.20 using the Marines' based patch (since that is an eLicensed product).

I'm not sure what the hold up may be with a Gamer's Gate version of the 1.20 patch. There may be issues beyond Battlefront's control in releasing it in a timely manner.

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The latest info about the Gamer's Gate 1.20 patch is that it may be released within two weeks. I can't guarantee an exact date, since there's always the possibility that something will not go as planned, but hopefully the wait will not be too much longer for those who have the Gamer's Gate CMSF game.

Again, if you've purchased (and installed) any of the modules (Marines or British Forces), then you can upgrade with patches already available. The British Forces module will automatically upgrade a Gamer's Gate version to 1.20 once it is installed. The Marines 1.20 patch will also upgrade a Gamer's Gate CMSF + Marines module install. The only ones who will need this patch are customers who have bought ONLY the Gamer's Gate download of CMSF and have NOT purchased any modules.

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