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Open up and Button up


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In CMx1, buttoning/unbuttoning was pretty much an on/off thing -- if you gave the corresponding command, the commander and driver of a tank would both immediately open/close their hatches.

In CMx2, buttoning/unbuttoning is much more dynamic. You can give the command, but the crew might not unbutton or button up immediately, depending on several factors. For instance, if you tell an Abrams' crew to unbutton immediately after firing the main gun, it will be a few seconds before the loader opens his hatch, since he was in the process of reloading the main gun when the unbutton order was given. Also, you might give the open-up command but the crew may refuse to do so if their vehicle is consistently under small-arms fire.

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I agree with everybody :D Seeing the state of Buttoned/Unbuttoned is a bit more difficult in CMx2 if you only use the spacebar menu and don't have the Special Menu visible in the main UI. If you do, or are close enough to see the vehicle, it's easy to see.

For Normandy (and beyond) we have a solution that we think will make everybody happy. Same goes for other state related issues, such as Deploy and Pause.


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