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where does AI build navy?

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I am trying to script in a safe route for my AI subs for Germany.

When they come into play from construction or production quere is there a choice the AI makes for sub placement or a random port?

Is there something I can do to make the AI place the the naval units at a specific port?

Like make the city next to the port an industrial center?

Maybe closest to capital?

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Generally naval units are placed at safe ports that start closest to the capital and by safe this means those that are not threatened by enemy land, air and other naval units as determined by the internal game engine logic.

On top of that the AI usually tries to balance out unit placement by checking the highest active sea zones, i.e. if we are thinking globally and if the pacific is where there is an imbalance of enemy units then the US AI may try and place their units there. Alternatively if it is the Atlantic then it will try and place on that side instead.

If you want them to come into a specific location and not depend on the general AI logic then I would recommend using the UNIT script event instead.

Hope this helps,


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