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Incessant DING lock-up, I am thoroughly vexed..

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OK, I have been patient, I have reinstalled CM completely, I have read the FAQ, and I have tried to eavesdrop on as many tech support threads for similar problems... Here Goes

Athlon AMD 1.2 ghz

256 megs ram

2- 10 gig harddrives


GEFORCE 3 Ti500 card

As soon as I get beyond the setup phase in a game of CM, (tcp-ip, pbem, or vs ai, no difference), if I am to give an order that is impossible (order an afv into heavy woods, etc), instead of getting a single 'windows ding' telling me it is an impossible command, I get a ding loop, nothing but dings, and my systems is locked up and needs to be rebooted.

This problem existed in my 2 years old install of CMBO, and I assumed that it would be fixed as soon as I reinstalled, but alas, I just finished reinstalling, and it is behaving in the exact same way.

Someone please have mercy on a forum old-timer. I havent played an uninterrupted game of CM in over a month... :( ack!

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What OS are you running ? What motherboard do you have ? Does your sound card share an IRQ with another device, especially the video ? Are you loading up the Creative programs for EAX and whatever other junk is installed for the Live cards ? Have you installed the VIA 4-in-1 patch (I assume your motherboard is based on a VIA chipset) ? Does this still happen if you turn off the ambient sound setting in CMBO ? Do you have any other audio programs loaded up at the same time as CM (WinAmp, Windows Media Player, etc.) ?

When it comes to VIA chipsets and Live sound cards I've heard of some problems when it comes to 'crackling' in the audio. This was fixed (sort of) with a combination of some BIOS updates, driver patches and CMOS/BIOS setup settings (though it would still happen for quite a few players). I haven't heard of a looping audio problem before, especially something as basic as the Windows Error sound ('ding'). Does this problem happen in any other application ?

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Yes, it also happens when I am in icq sometimes... I get a DING loop that only goes away when I close icq. The "backspace" sound will loop at times as well.

I have the 4-in-1 drivers....

I have no creative programs loading into my taskbar..

I have not tried turning off ambient sounds but I will.

Win 98SE is my operating system

MOBO is a IWILL board, with internal sound card that I have bypassed/diabled...

I would tell you about IRQ settings, but I am ignorant about where to find that information..

Thanks for posting schullen, any other tips?

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OK, new development,

I went in to play CMBO without having icq (version 2001b) running.. In the unit placement start turn, I could make a single DING by trying to place a unit outside my setup zone, that was happening before... now as soon as turn 1 comes around, I tried to Move a tank into hvy woods, I got no ding of death, and in fact no DING at all!

Can anyone else tell me, do you get a noise when you try to do a redline impossible order, or just silence?

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I'm on a Mac, so this is probably of limited utility, but I have never gotten an alert sound of any kind within the game itself. Ever. I think about the only time I have ever gotten an alert is when I have tried to start the game without the CD in the hard drive. Maybe MS does things differently...


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More Mac experience I'm afraid (aren't we helpful). No error sound with an invalid order. If the order is invalid the line normally generated disappears. I do get an error sound if I press a inappropriate key though.

Perhaps you shouldn't have got any dings before?

I must say that's a little ironic for a person with your username to have encountered problems (}-;

Hope you fix it soon!

[ April 01, 2002, 08:48 PM: Message edited by: gibsonm ]

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