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Another Problem-Game resolution too small

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One other problem I'm having is that ALL my games load with smaller resolution. (The game is centered, takes up about 60% of the screen, & the other 40% bordering the game is black). Ive been told I need to edit my BIOS when restarting, But i did not see any way to edit it when I rebooted into the basic menu. Ive got an IBM thinkpad, Windows XP, NeoMagic MagicGraph 256ZX. Ive tried looking for an updated driver but have been unable to locate one. Any help would be Greatly appreciated.

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I assume that this is a continuation of the other thread.

What you're seeing is how the video chipset and the LCD interact at particular resolutions. LCD displays have an 'optimal' resolution that gives them the sharpest display (800x600, 1024x768, etc.). Some videochips and LCDs are capable of running resolutions other than the 'native/optimal' resolution of the LCD. When a non-native resolution is used you may see 'scaling' of the graphics. This is most evident in the text which appear to have extra pixels on them, etc.

In your case, the laptop manufacturer or the NeoMagic engineers may have decided that instead of scaling the resolution to fit the entire screen, that they would instead 'shrink' the resolution to fit within the native resolution. Thus if your LCD has an optimal/native resolution of 800x600, then when it runs 640x480 it will only be using a proportional amount of the screen to display. This appears as a large black border for the portion of the screen that isn't used. It's like looking at a screen that has 800x600 pixels, but only 640x480 of them are viewable.

Anyway, you're probably running at 640x480 which is only using part of the LCD's screen real estate. There's nothing that you can do about this other than to delete your CM Prefs file and select another resolution (if it is offered). In your case the NeoMagic 256ZX may be incapable of running above 640x480 in CM.

NeoMagic is no longer in business to my knowledge and thus you won't find a driver newer than what is in Windows XP (whose core is probably quite dated itself, but has been 'updated' by Microsoft to run under WinXP).

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