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For the new peeps out there:





"Lead your men across the Russian steppes or through the Finnish forests. Up or down the Baltic coast or towards Moscow or Berlin (CMBB). North Africa / Italy (CMAK) The choice is yours.

Take a platoon, a company, a mixed force, a battalion or even a single tank. Watch your men fight, learn, gain medals, become casualties, get replaced and - if you're doing well - get rewarded with better equipment.

Your core force can be German, Soviet or Finnish. You can decide what your force will be, but not what the enemy will be. ROQC is designed to adjust to provide the proper level of difficulty for you, so that the games against the AI will be challenging and varied. Some will be easy, some will be very difficult.

The battles you get are generated on the basis of the strategic historical setting at the time and region of the battle. Your job is however to fulfil an operational order that simulates the local situation at regimental level. This usually involves winning in Combat Mission terms, but not always. Different operational orders emphasize different goals. For example, Exploit requires you to exit a mechanized force off the enemy side of the map and Hold requires you to hang on to the victory flags, no matter what.

To be a bit more specific:

In ROQC you take a core force through a series of quick battles against the AI, interspaced with some bookkeeping. Your core force participates in all battles, and is supported by (or supports, if you prefer) varying troops from your side.

This is basically what you will do

1. Pick a nationality, time and place

2. Select (if this is the first battle) or update your core force.

3. Set up and play a quick battle following these rules.

4. Record and process data from the battle

5. Advance the time of the battle and go to 2. Repeat until finished.

That?s all, really. You will be using both the editor and the QB generator, but it?s all explained in detail. Don?t worry; you can accomplish this even if you have never opened the editor before".

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