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G4 Processor upgrades

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Anyone got experience with either Sonnet or Gigaset G4 processor upgrades? I have an AGP G4/400 that has just received an additional HDD and an Airport card (wireless networking with the iBook). Thanks to the additional HDD I now have a cleaner, faster system, with 10.3.8 on the 80GB disk, and OS9.2.2 on the 20GB original disk.

I am now considering the purchase of a processor upgrade. The G4 has saved my bacon twice already during machine failures of my other machine, and I have decided to keep it until it falls apart.

So, regarding processor upgrades:

- Is there a noticeable difference? I would suspect that the raw improvement in processor speed is somewhat negated by the still slow RAM (896MB in my G4) and 100 Mhz bus?

- Do they all run OS9.2.2 and CMBB/AK without trouble?

- Are they stable or do you get crashes more often?

- Should one go for the dual processor or single processor upgrades?

Anything else that maybe of relevance?


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Hi Andreas

Good to hear you got the laptop easily fixed

I upgraded my G4 DP450 with a GigaDesign DP 1.2 GHz processor - (IIRC £450). Easy peazy to fit from Cancom - sped up every thing esp blue bar in CM and will hopefully get me started with CMX with only a graphics card upgrade then required. 10.3.8 and 9.2.2 work fine - only a small problem with putting the machine to sleep in OS9, which induces a freeze.

Check http://forums.xlr8yourmac.com/cpureview.lasso

for feedback for your particular mac against different upgrades

Not sure if in your machine you can fit a dual processor, also there is a big difference of price between the two.

G4 1.0GHz w/2MB Cache for AGP - tested to 1.2GHz/100MHz £195.00 +vat

G4 1.2GHz w/2MB Cache for AGP 100 - GT1500 £252.00 +vat

Dual G4 1.2GHz for AGP 100 Bus - GT1200 £469.00 +vat


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The upgrade sped up to spec Halo which just only just ran with the 450s. Also got a gig of RAM to assist with digital video/DVD editing so I'm well chuffed. The 450 was fine with Photoshop etc but with the 1.2s and extra ram everything is very nippy, and there is nothing that I can throw at it which it can't handle. Demanding 3D games could do with a 9000 ATI card but it's not quite right with CM in 9.2 so the 7500 will stay until CMX. I'll look at the system again only after CMX is released.

Originally posted by Andreas:

Thanks a lot Wicky, that is very helpful. How about performance in OSX - did it deliver what you expected?

All the best


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