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Direct 3D failure

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Is there any way to fix a problem that has developed when testing Direct 3D from the DirectX diagnostic tool, it completes the first test OK but the second one produces the following error:-

Direct3D test results: Failure at step 18 (CreateDevice): HRESULT = 0x88760091 (Invalid pixel format)

This is on DirectX 8

Downloading 8a at present...

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If you're runing Win2k, have the latest nVida drivers, and DirectX8...your problem may be the same one I had. The latest drivers are not working in this environment. I had to backup to a previous vidod driver version to get 3D to work...still can't get the 3rd DirectX test concerning AGP to work...it's greyed out for me.

Also, a couple of us ran tests on machines where I work...one machine had the same problem as mine, another worked just fine...both of those machines were Win2k Server. The one that worked ok, had a Vanta 4meg card (Intel 400 CPU), the other had a Vanta 8meg card (Intel 700 CPU)...mine is eVGA 32 meg card (AMD 800 CPU). All running the nVida drivers.

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Texture Acceleration is for AGP cards only, and as far as I know the Voodoo3 is a PCI card...if it is an AGP version, then it doesn't support Texture Acceleration as far as DX is concerned. Having it greyed out shouldn't matter, just means its not available...as long as the other sections work, you should be ok.

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