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ATI Users anyone getting opengl issues???

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At what time do the atiogl.dll problems manifest themselves? I ask because I'm running Win 7 X64 with Asus EAH 5870ms using the hotfix for ATI Catalyst 10.2. Have CMSF, USMC, & Brit modules installed licensed & patched to 1.2.1. No 3rd party modules yet.

I can start the Training Campaign, load the troops into the Strykers, and start them moving from phase line to phase line. When they came to the next to final phase line, I quit. Shouldn't the ATI OpenGl errors have shown their buggy little faces upon entering the 3D portion of the game? Or do they typically appear later once you have a significant portion of your life invested in a game?

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Here's the Catalyst 10.2 Hotfix. However the notes for it say that it fixes calling DirectX 11 routines for the "Alien vs. Predator" game and also fixes random mouse cursor enlargement for Windows 7. It doesn't seem to have anything for OpenGL.

Per other customers, it appears that Catalyst 10.2 will cause CMSF to be unplayable - it will not launch.

ATI/AMD is supposedly going to release the 10.3 Catalysts (an un-WHQL'd version - equivalent to a final beta I guess) tomorrow, Wednesday, March 17th per this 'tweet':

"Wow... talk about major demand - let it be - we will post an un-WHQL version of 10.3 update tomorrow then!!"

I have no idea if this will fix ANYTHING that is happening with the 10.2 Catalysts and CMSF. Apparently most of the work appears to be some performance tweaks for DirectX applications.

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