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Sound files?

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L85, L86 and L22 use "gun 5 modern" (this was a previously unused file that came with the original game). Pretty sure the L96 uses "gun rifle" like the M40. The L115 oddly uses "gun 7 svd" (see other thread). The other weapons use the same sounds as their US counterparts (SAW, m240, Mk.19, etc.). Oh, and the 51mm mortar uses the previously unused "mortar 60."

New sounds are:

gun 30 rarden

gun 120 challenger

vehicle loop engine idle challenger2

vehicle loop move challenger2 (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=88118)

engine shutdown challenger2

vehicle loop move jackal

vehicle loop move landrover

...and of course British voices.

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