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Taking guns off vehicles

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Firstly I would like to join everyone who bought the new module in saying its awsome :D I havn't had a lot of time to play it yet but I love the new British units and the scenarios look really good.

On topic, I have being playing around in the editor and have noticed that you can dismount the GMG off a WMIK but not the HMG. Instead you get a MMG. Why is that?

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I think the reasoning behind this decision was that the Brits don't have ANY foot MG units in their TO&E, so if you are going to allow dismounting of weapons it makes sense to have the MMG rather than the HMG because it's in more common use. Admittedly it seems a bit strange to me. Foot MMGs and HMGs in the TO&E would have made more sense - like the Syrians get.

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We actually went round-and-round on this very topic. The consensus (actually, Steve's decision as king ;)) was that dismounting your men then having them lug around a 128 pound hmg (with tripod) was... inconvenient. In comparison, the dismounted L134A1 grenade launcher weighs 88 pounds with tripod. Still heavy but a difference of forty pounds. Not having tripod .50 cal Browning in the TO&E could've perhaps have been worked around but it was another item in the 'no' column.

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