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British Forces Addon request

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Can you please see if you can do something with the sound file for the Challenger - you can definitely hear it looping when it's moving at a constant speed - very off putting and detracts from the immersion. The M1, by comparison, sounds smooth moving along at a regular speed - the Challenger does not.

Sorry if it's been discussed already.

Other than that - it was nice to see this run on my comp - can't wait. Nice to hear a wee Scottish voice when I was operating the Challenger.

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Challenger sound gave everybody headaches. Go to Youtube and hunt down some videos of the thing in motion (without musical accompanyment). It really sounds like someone put marbles in a blender then fed the results to a protesting cat. It grinds and pops and whistles and wheezes - awful awful sounds. I think they purposefully backed off on the sound clip accuracy a bit to make it palatable, the 'annoying bits' are probably pure Challenger :D

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is it possible to replace the existing Challenger sound with the Abrams sound file? I don't know about modding - so not sure if it's just a case of copying the Abrams file and replacing the Challenger one with it?

You might be able to but then you’d have a CR2 running on a jet turbine (which it certainly doesn’t).

Supposedly painful sound loop Vs totally wrong sound - your choice. :)

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I could go with the wrong sound at the moment tbh - the looping is really winding me up. And bearing in mind I've never heard a Challenger 2 (was in the forces in the Chieftan days!), I'd be able to relax with the turbine effect.

Would love BF to source a good, proper Challenger 2 sound though :D

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Here are the two loops from the Abrams named as Challenger2. Atenticon: Those ARE NOT the Challenger2 sounds, they are the original Abrams sounds remamed!

What you need to do is simply download this files and place them on the Z folder inside the Data folder in the root directory of Combat Mission:Shock Force.

Have fun!;)

http://www.mediafire.com/file/zntwwkzm2zm/vehicle loop engine idle challenger2.wav

http://www.mediafire.com/file/zj535qinztv/vehicle loop move challenger2.wav


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