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Less than 20fps..

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Hello !

This game is a shame...

My computer:

AMD x2 4400+

2GB ram

HD 4850 o/c

And when there units in my view, i've less than 20fps.. it's NOT playable.. when i'm move the camera it's not "fluid".

I've been tested on Windows XP sp3 and Vista Sp2 nothing change, my drivers are up to date..

Any idea ? it's really a shame, a game like this, not a beautiful game.. not working on a PC like mine. I'm so disappointed because i really want to play this game..

Excuse my english but i'm french.

Edit: sorry, i've not post in the Tech support section :(

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Yeah it's better, but still less than 20-25 sometimes...

And install 9.3 for ONE game which is having problem with 9.4, 9.5 etc.. no thanks.. I also have GTA4 installed and it's better with 9.6-7..

It's not acceptable to a game with this bad graphics.. Dawn of War 2, Fallout 3, Empire Total War are more beautiful and works better than Shock Force..

I think i will go back to Cmbat Mission Overlord or Close Combat series..

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Empire Total War are more beautiful and works better than Shock Force..

I'll grant you it's more beautiful. But it's buggy as heck, CTDs all the time and though it does play surprisingly well on my rig, the forums are awash with people for whom performance is sub par.

May I just recommend you close down all applications you don't need? Ironically, some framerate display programmes have been known to slow things down noticeably. Stuff like FRAPS won't help. And unless you are a complete graphics nut, turning down your settings might help too.

And as long as the fps stays above 20fps stuttering is hardly ruinous to gameplay. Yes, I understand that with a rig like yours you'd want to see better performance then you are getting, but is it all really that terrible?

Lastly, please note that although this game is known for being a resource hog, the performance you are getting is not normal. You may wish to fiddle with the cards settings. For instance not all games respond well to the GPU settings overriding the games settings. Or vice versa. Turning down AA to x2 or x4 might help too.

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Some framerate display programmes have been known to slow things down noticeably.

Sounds like that old physics problem where the act of observing something affects the outcome. So you've got a choice of either letting it run or observing it run, but not both at the same time. :D

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Actually that sounds about right. I probably AVERAGED 24 fps when I had my quad-core 2.4 ghz q6600. You have to remember that this game, unfortunately, DOES NOT SUPPORT MULTI-CORE PLATFORMS. When I changed to an E7400 Intel at 2.8 ghz, I saw a modest improvement overall. CMSF is highly CPU-dependent. Especially with a large number of units on-map. Even so, you can't compare an older generation chip like the x2 series to a core duo. The horsepower difference is even greater than the small difference in clock speed.

More CPU also means less chance of your game dipping to low on the MINIMUM frame rates, which is worse than having mediocre AVERAGE rates. When your minimums get down to below 12 fps that's when the game really takes a visible hit and seems laggy.

Also, it's apples and oranges to compare a game like CMSF to a first person shooter and other games that are all eye-candy with very little going on in the simulation end. (calcing LOS, bullet trajectories, etc.) These games are almost entirely dependent on the GPU to be so "beautiful". They are the computer game equivalent of Jessica Simpson - Nice to look at, but very little is going on in the brains department.

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