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British module: unofficial video teaser "Armoured Assault"

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I've put together an unoffical film showing the British module in action.

It shows Challengers and Warriors from the UK Highlanders Battle Group (4 SCOTS BG) in action as they advance along Highway 2.

Syrian reserve infantry forces in battalion strength have established a blocking position oriented north along the axis of HIGHWAY 2. They have established dug-in firing positions equipped with hand held AT weapons, ATGMs and supported by AFVs.

The film covers the opening combat events in a scenario I designed called UK Armoured Assault - there are no spoilers by the way :)

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Love it! Really great video George MC! thanks allot!

One thing thoe... I didnt see a single cup of Tea? :rolleyes:


Re the lack of cups of tea. That's the part 2 - BFC have actually coded up a special section and done a scenario where you basically play out the whole act of brewing up then taking the piss out of your mates. :P

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The music in the beginning is fantastic :)

The opening music is "Cock O'The North" - the Gordon Highlanders Regimental march. You can buy the CD at this link http://www.gordonhighlanders.com/ghshop/index.cfm?p=shop&pID=74&cID=7

Some background:

4 SCOT = HIGHLANDERS - (4th Battalion) Although the Regiment originated in 1778 when the Seaforth Highlanders were raised across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, they later amalgamated with the Gordon Highlanders. In 1961 the Queen's Own Highlanders were formed from the amalgamation of the Seaforth Highlanders and the Cameron Highlanders. In 1994 a name change occurred and The Highlanders were formed. This Regiment is now part of 7 Armoured Brigade. It now becomes The Highlanders (4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland).

More here:


Cheers fur noo


ps I live in the Gordon's old recruiting area. Just down the road there is a statue to the Duke himself. One story goes that when recruiting for the regiment his missus (who was rather attractive seemingly) promised a kiss, in addition to the King's shilling, to any man who joined her husband's regiment - The Gordon Highlanders.

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Impressive! I too love the new hunt animation. I'm also happy that Normandy will use a different way of drawing vegetation graphics. I hate it when trees change shape when intense shooting starts. Another nice fix would be the tracer effects. Need something smoother and less laser like.

Try the proeffects tracer mod here at the Repository.

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Great Video George!!

This video really builds anticipation for the module.

Can you please post your PC specs? The animations looked extra smooth considering you also used software like FRAPS to capture the action.

Thanks again!

Glad you like it :)

Re your query about my PC specs:

Intel Core 2Duo

E8400 @3.6Ghz; 2 Gb RAM

Nividia GeForce 8800GT

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Cheers fur noo


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