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Most glaring errors in scenario contest

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I have just started playing HSGN Wittmans Last Battle by Enigma and the general briefing dates the battle to August 8th 1942! Typo!!! Typo!! Proof reading team zero points.

There are others but I wondered what else had been done in scenarios - obviously historical ones are more likely to throw up a blooper than others.

*Incidentally, and to ruin this thread, I found that two Tigers would rather shoot vanilla Shermans rather than Fireflies even when given targeting orders just so they can get a percent or two better chance of a hit. They only both died to the Firefly - which rather screws the historicity as German Tigers would always go fo Fireflies as a priority target in RL.

So just bear in mind to always have a vanilla sacrificial Sherman out front whilst using your Firefly.

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