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Milk Run

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"when you made it through pooh, you should handle milk run easily!

Yeah right :-) When I arrived I had no artillery, minimal Mortars and the two Harriers. The Harries were useful (British design y'know!) but couldn't kill everything.

The tanks never arrived and I suffered 80% losses.


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The tanks never arrived...

thats bad! i brought 3 tanks out of pooh.

in milk run i had barely any ammo for lima battery left, so i didnt used em but i had quiet a lot of mortars left and i "needed" these to effectively and promptly destroy the ATGMs in this map. if you killed the ATGMs you are rather free to use youre vehicles in close support, however without "any" tanks the rest of the campain will be considreable more tricky then with tank support.

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Not wanting to suffer heavy casualties in the face of entrenched defenders with numerous RPGs and static tanks, I used my artillery and air assets to inflict heavy casualties, then hit "cease fire" with 15 minutes yet to go, to see whether I'd be booted back to the previous scenario (or worse, to "Decisions, Decisions..."). In fact, Red suffered over 200 KIA and WIA and lost a dozen vehicles (including recon armored cars, BMP-3s, and T-62s), whereas the only loss my forces suffered was some damage to a couple of my Abrams from RPG and recoilless rifle fire (none immobilized, thankfully).

But, then again, it felt rather like cheating. I just knew I had a hard slog ahead and couldn't afford to loose multiple AAVs (not to mention the sometimes 20+ men therein) or even one Abrams.

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I had no tanks, no arty (well one set or was it two of mortars) and just the two Harriers. Moving to occupy the high ground on the "left" of the AOE helped bring down machine gun fire but it still worked out as a slugging match and the second time I played in instead of a disaster I had a "no-one won".

I'd go at it again, but the BRITISH HAVE ARRIVED!!!

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Regarding the Milk Run;

Just been playing through it. First I want to say that I like the map and the positioning of the enemy forces (not sure who made it). Sure is a hard one, especially those nasty BMP-3's! Now around half time and after waiting almost an hour for reinforcements my tanks came in. I was then hoping for some infantry to come but suddenly the whole bloody MEU was there :D

I like a lot of forces but if they come all in one like this, it makes it hard to make good use of them directly. That was no real problem before the AI learned how to use Artillery and so they learned and blasted the whole MEU off the map :( I reckon it would be better for the scenario and for the realism to let the reinforcements come in parts. Not sure if it would be possibly fully, but at least the .50 trucks with another company orso could have waited a little more then 1 minute before arriving? :)

Another strange thing is this T-60 that has managed to survive 2 155MM armor strikes at his direct position and later still survive a 'Heavy' harrier strike :confused: It was almost standing vertically in the crater underneath it. I'll try to post a screenshot if it happens again.

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