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Idea to solve the quick battle forces problem

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Just an idea, since the CMSF autopurchase doesn't work very well, especially in tiny and small battles.

CMSF doesn't use a random map generator for known reasons, so premade maps are randomly selected instead.

I wonder if something similar wouldn't work for troop selections, too, if CMSF could be programed to create a QB by combining three randomly selected files.

File one is the map, file two blue and file three red forces. This may not be an optimal solution, since it means some work on creating a sufficient number of OOB varities for the different types of force selections and battle types, but on the other hand it would solve a number of problems that might be more difficult to program to come to an acceptable result. It's surely easier and faster to create a number of OOBs as the time & work needed for a single map. Quality and eqipment can still be randomly generated depending on the general QB settings, what would still leave some random factor.

As an additional imaginable feature, the presetting of reinforcements from the OOB editor could be used, maybe with a random factor regarding the timing, depending on the length of battle.

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