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Bradley Turret Rotation Problem

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I noticed an odd thing with a Bradley the other day: the gunner kept rotating the turret back and forth along a ~10 degree axis after I had given it a Target command. The 25mm gun was not out of ammo and had not suffered any damage. The only way I was able to stop the problem (and get the Bradley to fire on a new target) was to bail out the crew and then order them back into the unit.

Known bug, and if so, is it on the 1.20 fix list?

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I've noticed that in a couple of quick battles I have recently completed that pintle-mounted MG's tended to be reluctant to engage even when having spotted and available targets once their ammunition level dropped to 150 or less. Even when using the "Target Light" command, the firing is patchy and hesitant.

Could this be an ammo conversation routine built-in to the TAC-AI?

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