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Attention Map Makers: Dynamic Google Maps Overlay for Google Earth!

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Hi all,

I've just found something that I think you will all find amazingly useful.

Go to this link and download the KMZ file:

Google Maps Overlay for GE

Open it in Google Earth.

You will be amazed that you are now seeing a semi-transparent overlay of Google Maps over Google Earth. And it gets better! Read on.

If you look in your "Temporary Places" folder you will find a "Google Maps Overlay" network link. If you right click on it and select "Properties", you will see a "link" string of text. Add "&TERR=Y" to the end of this string. Now you not only get the Google Maps overlay but you get the "Terrain View", which has CONTOURS on it!

You have to zoom in quite low to see the contours but this is fantastic! It means we can scroll around Google Earth and take snapshots of it with height contours overlayed on top!

Sorry if I sound excited but this is positively brilliant for map makers.

Please post back if you try this out and get it to work.

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The red Xs just mean you've zoomed in too close and Google Maps hasn't got any images that detailed. Zoom out a bit and the red Xs will go away I assure you.

Oh, and don't forget to save the network link from the Temporary files folder to your Favourite places folder. GE prompts if you want to do this when you exit so just answer yes.

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